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Change in Middle East: Why now?

Change in Middle East: Why now?

Islam wohin? (Gerd Altmann, pixelio.de)

Islam wohin? (Gerd Altmann, pixelio.de)

It’s facinating to see the world’s regions in a kind of likewise status: The fear of Islam and migration gave us a distinctive shift to the right, with a result of xenophobic politics and things like the initiative for a minarett ban. The sudden popularity of nationalism amd rassism surprised politicians and intellectuals. Now is the same thing in the Middle East: Politicians, despots and intellectuals are surprised how fast peaceful protests spread all over the region. The global public was not aware how near the tipping points were and are. Me included.

So the questions coming up: Who benefits from the situation? And why now?

I think the economic crisis plays a major role in the game. Costs of living are rising everywhere. And like my father alway said: You can deny your people food or the right to speak – but not both. And the crisis took the food (through price increase) – so people stand up, where they cannot speak (or are not heard).

Then, if one would belive in conspiracies, it could be a modern kind of scorched earth policy: If we cannot have them, nobody should have them – where nobody is China. China can can get economic control – what it will – but not political anymore, because the corrupt leaders are gone. If a country becomes democratic, it becomes self-determined. You can control a despot in a direct manner, but not a democracy: Berlusconi cannot control Italy like Gadhaffi can do in Lybia.

So if the economic crisis is a contingency like 9/11, then it was damn good luck for the neoliberals, always in the right time. First a long game of dominating the Middle East, which was control though a kind of balance of force (terror vs repression). When it got to dangerous, the USA made its threat real to gain balance again: We CAN shoot! But the islamic world was not terrorized. The attempt to conquer Iraq followed, politically possible because of 9/11: Democracy through a military strategy. Then the crisis, government depts, new credits, austerity policies, price increases, you know the stuff.

Trend (Gerd Altmann, pixelio.de)

Trend (Gerd Altmann, pixelio.de)

Everything is, if not good, perfect for the neoliberals. Either way to redistribute money from down upwards, to gain profit in other ways or to buy stability and control. If it works like this the crisis was a high price, yes, but the bill is paid by you and me. Banks get our money through old-age provisions, make governments to need money, lend it, and we pay the interest for our own money throuigh taxes. And they get all the transaction fees. Crappy game.

However, I wish the New World Movement will be as «lucky» in the next decades as the Neoliberals were in the last. It’s facinating to see that not only the powerful can play the claviature of fear! I bet the cumulative fear of all regimes right now is a global record. Satisfactory to see the masses stay calm allthou they get shot at and that thugs cannot seed riots. All together I think it’s a sign and the world is not the same anymore, inshallah!

Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now

Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now

Wikileaks Logo

Wikileaks Logo

This title is misleading a bit, it should be «Society Fiction» – but it sounds better as it is.

Support the AVAAZ-Wikileak-Petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/wikileaks_petition/?vl

I’m sure all of you know books and films about corporate groups or governments trying to establish split societies in some kind to secure the position of the upper caste. Usually they have the monopoly on violence, the others have ideology and some clubs.

Or an archer’s bow, like the probably – at least in western culture area – most famous english outlaw. Or the legend of Willhelm Tell here in Switzerland. Well, I don’t want to get melodramatic. 🙂

As I see the world, we are going to lose what unions and social parties where fighting for in the last hundred years. And the most frustrating is: We’re losing it in a democratic way. We vote for less freedom, less wealth, more animosity, while the upper caste gets richer than ever. We let our fears stoke and shut ourselves away in nationalism and fanaticism. We’re freezing, while bullets of social, economical and ecological disasters are howling in one’s ears.

Now, knowledge – here we are again. As long as lower classes got some democratic power, today’s politics work as long as the public doesn’t know about real motivations of the upper class. Ever wanted to be a fly on a wall while some ruling men (yes, men – usually no women) speaking clear words? Wikileaks is your ticket!

For some decades leading think tanks believed that free societies and free markets will be followed automatically by wealth. That is not completely untrue, but we see that this philosophy ignores health of life and the globe – the neoliberal market is backfiring at our livelihoods. Equally the free Internet – THE synonym for a free society – is backfiring now: in form of Wikileaks. A truly free Internet is not compatible with a two class society – that is what we can see now and what is, or was, science fiction.

That is why today’s free Internet is so important for future – or so dangerous, for them. If we will get some china-like Internet – and I’m sure they will try, e.g. in the name of terrorism – cheerless science fiction will come true, a second Dark Age. Maybe we can see China as testing area for the successor philosophy of neoliberalism.

In your own interest, support Wikileaks to build the New World: http://www.avaaz.org/en/wikileaks_petition/?vl

Speaking of media on this wide topic, Isaac Asimovs Foundation comes to my mind, Frank Schätzings Limit, John Brunners Shockwave Rider, Gattica, or the TV-series Babylon 5. What’s on yours?

To be clear: I don’t believe in a global, one voice conspiracy towards a two class society, more in a system of similar believes which makes competitive groups to friends because of the same enemy: That is loss of power and wealth in the own clan. And maybe a few ideologists who believe in Social Darwinism. But I don’t need to tell you that we are here to help each other…

When will we fairvote?

When will we fairvote?

So, first, let me throw some numbers at you:

  • In USA, between 1979 and 2005, the income of the poorest households increased by 1.3 % annually, the average income less than 1 %, the top revenues by 200 %. If you calculate the latter after tax it even grew 228 %.
  • The richest percent in the USA earned between 2002 and 2006 3/4 from the earnings growth. Statistically followed by Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland (oh my!).
  • In Germany, two tenth own about 80 % from the assets.
  • In 2007, top managers income grew 25 % in Germany.
  • Etc, you know what I mean…

(via misswirtschaft.blogspot.com, german. Get the data on US-income here.)

The gap between rich and poor

In the 1920s we had about the same extraordinary mess, followed by the great depression in the 30s. As a consequence (also because WW II), in the middle 50s the highest US tax rate was 91 %, the one for corporate profits 45 %. But today?

We all know who is responsible for todays inequity. It’s not me, not you (well, the chances are about 1:10), it’s not God, it’s neither Mickey Mouse nor Dagobert Duck. It’s THEM! If one points at someone, three fingers point at yourself, so we know who is THEM: We ALL are.

We are in the advantageous situation where we all vote every day several times. Do you buy Nestlé or regional products? On which bank do you save your money? Do you use escalators and go to your fitness center by car? Who do you vote for, politically? Do you buy fast or organic food? Do you buy and travel fair?

US-taxes 1979-2005Profit (or a real fair amount of) belongs to the one who spins the screw driver. Why let we the one who paid for the screw driver steal the profit? And, finally, why is this thefts income tax rate even lower than the one of them who are cleaning his office? Who is doing the real work here, the dollar?

We all know from our own inner temptation that everyone thinks of himself first. So why do we vote for the rich? Do we believe the rich must be wise? Or do we believe they do know to deal with crisis because they became rich? Have we all missed Dagobert Duck stories in our youth?

Everywhere you can read who and what is responsible for the actual crisis. The Neocons/-liberals have proofed themselves as not survivable without their hated, „over regulating“ governments and state banks paying for their mess. Why can’t we simply stop this behavior? What are we afraid of? Of loosing our employment? Todays production is in China because we vote for the thefts rules — we vote for our own crisis every day. Why is this so hard to understand?


Diversification is good for social stability — but it seems we don’t want a peaceful society. In the end we shoot ourselves in our homes, schools and on streets, out of frustration and fear. Sometimes this system is unbelievable: We vote for our own slavery while believing to be free, and when we check our misery, we execute ourselves. Is this the meaning of life? Or maybe an intermediate step in our evolution? Hopefully we will evolve a bit cleverer than lemmings

China and its Olympic Boxing

China and its Olympic Boxing

China trains for Olympia This pic I found at www.igfm.de. It’s a german site from „international society for human rights“, on a subpage for notifications. From another subpage you can find some postcards and posters.

Are the Olympic Games good for chinese people? I’m not shure what to think of it. Boycott china means isolation and there would be no communication, no influence. Doing the Olympic Games in China means thousands of press people sniffing around and even China will not be able to control them all, wouldn’t they? Or will China simply throw in enough snitchers? 😕

China can censor the internet, but can hardly control all the informations exchanging between chinese people and foreigners. So if we go there, we have much more possibilities. In the meantime, we have to turn a blind eye or two to todays circumstances. Which is something I really hate!

I tend to belive that the KP somehow is of the same kind like the Bush administration and so many other: They want to rule, the more, the better. Others are bad, don’t know nothing, are doing wrong, in general are the enemies. This is thinking of the past millenniums, of our biological heritage, which will destroy us if we can’t get behind it.

Todays freedom of pressIf the average human would be this bad, we would have died off since long. I assume there are some 15 to 25 % us who are holding the rest back to do the next step – and in general they do it like this nowadays.

But we may realize that today humans are more economic on death: Most western systems tend to do less physical harms to its people to control them. The modern systemic pressure is more of psychological and economic kind. Human work power is understood as assets, it is understood that physical force leads to physical opposition – see todays Tibet, Iraq or Palestine, etc. This modern slavery seems perfect: People believe in being free, while they do drudgery and are cash cows themselves. But in counts of lives it could be considered as an advance. Nevertheless, many leaders didn’t got this change yet…

So are the Olympic Games good for chinese people? I think, they have nothing to loose. So they can only win.

Are the games good for Tibet? Running the torch through Tibet is one of the biggest affronts I can imagine, if you think of the original, symbolic meaning. This is so… it makes me want to be the boxer above! This is so pretentious! It’s the sheriff with the thickest gun, openly dealing with the gangsters, showing off in front of his office: «Look here, how I f*ck you people, and it feels daaamn goood!» But be sure must of his functionaries believe credulous they do help people…

I really don’t know. I dream of 25’000 olympic photographers rushing tibet on one day, occupying the occupiers to flood the KP-occupied chinese media, so chinese people can reoccupy their land, confound the sheriff. But usually men – and not women – just change roles in the above boxing match…