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To be is to do. (Socrates)
To do is to be. (Sartre)
Do be do be do. (Sinatra)

„Some people would rather die than to think – and they do.“
(Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970)

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The story

Perhaps you know about the story of a grandpa, his grandson and a donkey. Together they made a journy. Sometime – grandson was sitting on the donkey, leaded by the grandpa – they passed a little village and they heard people rumour: «Look this boy, sitting on the monkey and poor grandpa has to walk!»

Ups, they thought, could be right, so they switched places. Coming up to a village again, once more they heard people whisper: «See this grandpa? And poor boy must walk…».

Ok, grandpa and grandson thought, this one is easy: Let’s ride together! But passing a next village, people got angry as they made a break. «You two know nothing better than to flay this poor old donkey. Shame on you!»

Now the two where really in question. Because they always tried to broaden their mind, they thought about it and concluded: Ok, let’s carry the poor old donkey. And so they did.

After a short while, they reached a bridge – which broke down under the weight of the three…

The conclusion

What a crackling good story. Worth to think about for a bit. What could it mean to us?

  • If you are a donkey, look for places famous for animal welfare but watch out for noises of a bridge as you pass over.
  • If you are a bridge, make your peace if in your area is a village famous for animal welfare.
  • If you are a grandpa, only listen to buzz of the second village.
  • If you are a grandson, listen to no one but get your trunks.
  • If you run a search for truth, listen to no one either but bridges.
  • If you are a river under the bridge: keep smiling and don’t let disturb yourself – history repeats itself.
  • If you are a villager, foreigners are always welcome to judge yourself as better.
  • If you are the storyteller and your audience didn’t get it: Don’t dispair on it – teach your children and wait for the next generation.
  • If you are a villager again, take the donkey and save your bridge.
  • If you don’t wanna be the donkey, stay away from humans (and bridges).

Well, these are only some suggestions. I’m shure you ain’t a donkey and can think for yourself a bit wider. Please let me know…

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