Difference between Lemmings and market operators

Difference between Lemmings and market operators

This I just asked myself. All they run after each other, no one knows who is leader and where the trip is going. Just because someone in Shanghai made a wrong deal they loose somewhat 3 % worldwide at the stock market. Together they bloat a big balloon and everyone fears, it could burst – but nobody stops pumping. Nobody wants to be stupid and loose a chance to betray money without work.

If you look at it globally, in a wide range, stock market is somehow social: Either all win or all will loose. What an insight – all neo-liberal market operators are in fact damned communists! The Sowjet Union ain’t dead yet.

I mean, seriously, it seems money can be a turn on, but it has no biological life and cannot increase itself. If you made win on a stock, someone must have sweat for it.

It’s easy to make wrong deals with stolen money, besides of an impending heart attack. But it’s the dog biting in its own tail. Maybe it should bite the balloon. The big bang could be a chance for a new, better start.

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