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Eating up the world

Why are we doing this? Such an easy question with an easy answer: It’s a failure in evolution – from our point of view. Evolution itself is perfect and doesn’t do anything wrong, it is just searching ways to go on and mostly finding its ways. If it comes to a dead end, it dies. Hard but true.

Since there are so many different roads, one will find its way. In another species. In another time. In another place. On another planet. In another solar system. In another galaxy. In another universe. If there are no more universes, again, in another time. It will never stop – it’s a perfect system of endurance.

In our eyes, evolution is an endless chain of failures. The powerful eats the weak, where the weak is a failure. The tough one will go on and be the winner – until a more tough one is coming and the once powerful will be the next failure, and dies.

Evolution asks «What do you want?» and the one with the best abilities in a particular time will win. This is our evolutionary heritage, the way we are dealing with our neighbour, with foreigners, with nature and sometimes even with our own tribe and family.

This system of competition led us to the top, as we like to think of it. Evolution fish jokeBut many of us – if not all – may gonna die like an overpopulated flock of lions in the Savannah. There will be insufficient food, too little water, too much poison, climate change or what ever. And the ants will be on top again, if they ever left their reign.

This is evolution. Hard but true.

First solutions

There were, are and will be many wise men and women who ask «Who are you?» This is not as easy to be answered as the question «What do you want?». I want food, shelter and women, and if I have not, I’m gonna steal it – if I’m tough enough, otherwise I’m gonna die. But who am I?

Many wise women and men provided many answers, more or less intelligent ones. The ancient ones are some kind of tough in the above sense of evolution. The newer they are, the softer they become and the more they tell us to protect the weak, heal the sick and share what we have, etc. Well, sounds kinda great, doesn’t it?

Today, it seems we are driving on two parallel roads: The road of the tough (let me say stick-in-the-mud) ones and the road of the weak, or the road of the killers and the road of the healers, or the road of devils and the one of saints.

We have economical basic conditions which eats the weak, makes him sick, and on the other hand social basic conditions which try to support the eaten. We rob the poor and weak, kill and lie on them, manipulate and cheat, while we try to protect them. We conquer our needed resources while we are trying to fair trade. This behavior is economical nonsense, but shows first solutions, is an evolutionary intermediate step to a more mental, less beastlike society.

Final solution

We’re driving on two parallel roads. In Christian pictures spoken the one of the old and the one of the new testament. In the past two centuries the wise really caught up and today it’s mostly fifty-fifty, but it’s still a damn rat race and we’re damn fast on our way. Which road will be the dead end?

Spoken in lives you already know which one it is. Evolutionary spoken, it doesn’t matter – there are enough ants to take over. Evolution doesn’t care, there are enough other places and times.

Looking at the past 4.5 milliard years, evolution gives todays live on earth the very first time the possibility to decide for itself what it wants, who it is. Till today, it was beaten and forced to do ANYTHING just not to be killed.

Cellular evolution diagram
General Mechanism of Evolution:
(1) all living and non-living entities are molecular structures.
(2) molecular structures become unstable when they absorb photons.
(3) unstable structures tend to move or organize towards stability.
(4) focused organizing tendencies characterize evolution.

And today, evolution leaves you alone with the final question «Who are you?», «What do you want?», or better «What do you REALLY want»? No live on earth got the opportunity to ask and answer this final questions. We gotta praise this questions! We no more ARE, we can MAKE evolution!

So praise who ever you want to. Then ask and think! for yourself, and let no one trick you! Then make your decision, make evolution — if you’re doing right, the ants will not win…

Thanks for reading! :oldman:

In the end, I’d like to know: What is your decision? Please tell me.

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