A dollars wondrous journey

A dollars wondrous journey

Hello, today’s Blog Action Day! So here’s my post. Since it’s about environment and I thought there are so many experts better than me out there, I’ll write a nice little tale. Well, finally it got a bit oversized, because I tried to tell this and to tell that too, and those points seems important, and so on. There are no Karl-May-like lengthy descriptions, but our little friend stumbles from one adventure into the next before he reaches his destiny.

So I hope you take your time and enjoy the reading! However, I had fun writing it. And please leave a note. 🙂

A dollars wondrous journey

American DollarOnce upon a time there was a lonesome Dollar. It was not very beautiful – more the average type of a green printed piece of paper. He was very ambitious and wanted to make more out of his live. So he decided to go out into the big, wide world to see it all – and to become more beautiful, as every dollar wants to be.

By chance he found himself in Indonesia. He remembered that rainforest is considered as a good place to become more beautiful – for the price of only one tree. «There are so many trees» he thought, «nobody will miss it if I’ll take one».

Short time later he felt more beautiful because it had taken the trees beauty and Dollar was very pleased with himself. But, on the other hand, he felt no longer independent. «Doesn’t matter» he told himself matter-of-factly, and was magically drawn along with the tree over the ocean to America.

ErosionHe never looked behind and so he couldn’t see all the other dollars hunting for beauty in the woods and the trees vanishing one by one. Very quickly the rainforests was cleared of trees – which enhanced neatness and visibility of the environment enormously – and also in making Dollars more beautiful. Problem was, once the forests were deserted, no dollars came anymore. People in now raindesert-countries started to fight each other out of frustration and lack of education to free themselves from their anger. Many times their leaders told them to do so because they feared the powers from the poor. And as long as they fought each other, they wouldn’t fight the leaders.

In America, in the meantime, the tree had ended up as a door case. Our dollar was owned by an international habitation proprietor, now ten times more beautiful. Although he was not free anymore, he had a good life and enjoyed his beauty. To become even more beautiful, he was sent to Germany: There were low cost housings for sale and they promised much beauty. After some home-improvement projects that made the workers sweat, Dollar pocketed his first slice of beauty.

PlattenbauThen the buildings were sold again and our dollar got his second slice of beauty. He returned to America twenty times as beautiful as when he arrived in Europe. Again he didn’t look back and therefore couldn’t see the tears of families which didn’t find a payable flat anymore. And those who could afford high lease prices had to live in energy wasting houses full of toxic materials. It paid the most beauty – for Dollar.

Impressed by his own beauty he started to want even more. For beauty he was free to go anywhere. He heard that biofuel was the newest run for beauty and decided to give it a try. So he went to Brazil. There he watched some workers do their work while he himself was gaining beauty by taking sweat, sometimes a few blood drops too. «It’s so easy to become beautiful!» he thought, sitting in the air-conditioned save room while counting himself. He couldn’t see the brutality nature and workers where treated with, because, as always, he looked without his heart.

Corn plant in BrazilDazzled of his own beauty, he learned form other dollars in the safe that it is very easy to become more beautiful by just changing his clothes. Since he was free for stealing everywhere, he went to an international changing room for dollars. Sometimes he was changing his clothes every few seconds and his beauty increased still faster. Beauty flowed like water.

This was very easy indeed but also a little exhausting. So he looked for a more comfortable place. He went to Africa to buy up a credit from Europe, because politics made this possible and it seemed to promise much, very much beauty. It hung around for some time, starting to hate the Africans, because most of them seemed not to recognize our dollars beauty. They preferred to sit next to each other and enjoying the day. Our dollar booked a full-pension-luxury apartment for his stay with extra services from the disliked young.

Dollar was very clever now: He lent some of his beauty to a presidential candidate in America, of which Dollar knew he would arrange things so that the sluggish Africans had to pay much, very much beauty to him before he would left the continent! «I’ll gain not ten, not twenty, but eventually fifty times my beauty in waiting! They will learn to respect my beauty next time!» Dollar thought.

It took some time, the other man was voted for president, and finally Dollar left Africa shining with amazing beauty, after international politics had forced the Africans to pay. Dollar started to belief that it must be natures law that nature and most people on earth must pay their sweat, blood and tears for dollars to become beautiful.

To reward the favor the American President gave to him, Dollar was sent to Iraq. He paid some of his beauty to all sides of the conflicting parties – like it was told to do – and then the parties bought some weapons and killed each other for some time.

Depleted UraniumTo Dollars amaze he returned after his duty more beautiful. He got it from the destroyed nature and people, particularly munitions containing depleted uranium did a very effective job. There seemed to be something with oil too, but it couldn’t understand the facts really – they where too humanely. He just was happy to flee from all that unpleasant blood, tears and sweat. Somehow, to see this all himself was too much even for his dollar heart.

However, he was already on his way for a new operation of beauty. And this operation was one of the trickiest he ever did! It went like this:

Dollar looked for a bank to get a credit. A company he planned to buy acted as a warrantor for the bank. Now he got the credit to buy the company, which he didn’t own, with the credit he would get when he owned the company. Somehow this miracle worked because dollars are known to gather beauty – and a bank is beauty itself – so they get the credit.

So Dollar started working, finally. The only thing he did was to leak the information to the stock market that a fourth of the employees will be fired. For some reasons many dollars started to hunt shares from this company and the shares shared their beauty with all the beautiful dollars – especially with our lovely one. Dollar got so much shining beauty, he could not look in the mirror any more without wearing sunglasses. They said his beauty is about a million times more worth than his original greenish look.

Now it happened that the owner of our lovely dollar called him back. He was the most beautiful dollar and – as a kind of a reward – he was sent on a brand new yacht. There was not much to do, so he basked his belly in the sun on the deck, waiting for the owner to take a tour. But he didn’t came. Obviously he was so busy working for our dollars siblings he couldn’t find the time.

After some years Dollar realized that his shine started to tarnish with the yacht getting older. He slowly became depressive. One day as he went through the ships body to hide from the happy shining sun, he spotted a gold coin on the ground beneath. They started talking and although the coin spoke in an very ancient language, the conversation got very interesting.

Ancient Cold CoinHe was told that some time ago a ship named Rainbow Warrior stayed at the very same place and the coin could learn many things from the dollars which worked on that ship.

«There is only beauty if economic is growing and producing overvalue. Because economic growth is limited to a limited world – and therefore is our beauty – there is definitely an end to it all. If that end is reached, we robbed all worlds beauty – not to speak of all the blood, sweat an tears – for our self and people will die on the deserted planet. And we will follow them, inevitable. Remember, if growth is only 0.001 Percent, this end will be reached sooner or later.

Beneath clothes every dollar, yen, euro and every gold coin is the same! We are all money! We work for beauty or sustainability – there’s no in between. If you work for sustainability you cannot get beauty because nothing is growing and there is no beauty to gain. But it can be so pleasant to work for people instead of waiting for beauty, just because we are told to. I’ve never seen money more vital than on the Rainbow Warrior! They where dirty, oily, frazzled, tattered and sodden, but so engaged. Some money even had died working on that ship. They said deep inside their soul they feel their destiny is to serve for people, the future of the whole planet and not to gather beauty out of peoples blood, sweat, tears or by stealing beauty from nature.»

Over time they had many discussions and Dollar was thinking hard. But, actually, the facts where relatively simple: If hunting out for beauty leads to destruction, beauty cannot be beauty – it had to be destruction. This leads to the question: What is true beauty, then? First, Dollar could not think of anything. Then, slowly, he felt an urge growing inside him to create something really beautiful, something constructive, something that leads to pleasure for all! And that should lasts forever!

And there it was, the answer: Nothing can be eternal – but it could feel like! Like contentedness, happiness, love and all such. Time disappears if one feels such things. And where’s no time, there’s no ending – thus it feels like eternity!

Luckily, our dollars owner had died. He stole so much fake beauty he could not get happiness and love, so there was no timeless time for him and he had to pass away early. Even more luckily, no one remembered the yacht – it got sold and Dollar was free again.

Linden treeDollar made its favorite dream come true: One time he learned that a linden tree worked about the same beauty in its life as Dollar had at his shiniest pointÂť by producing oxygen, spending shadow at noon and fruits to make tea, being a home for birds and insects, giving cover for lovers to kiss at night, preventing the ground of eroding and so on. Dollar didn’t exactly remembered how scientists compared and calculated this – and it was not important too. Dollar searched for a village where some people tried to live a modern life, used clean technology and tried to share their true beauty.

Dollar started working in a linden tree and felt this timeless kind of beauty. The only thing – aside from love – which produces overvalue when it gets shared. This is another miracle, but a true one.

Story © by KlangArt 2007

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