Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now

Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now
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Wikileaks Logo

This title is misleading a bit, it should be «Society Fiction» – but it sounds better as it is.

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I’m sure all of you know books and films about corporate groups or governments trying to establish split societies in some kind to secure the position of the upper caste. Usually they have the monopoly on violence, the others have ideology and some clubs.

Or an archer’s bow, like the probably – at least in western culture area – most famous english outlaw. Or the legend of Willhelm Tell here in Switzerland. Well, I don’t want to get melodramatic. 🙂

As I see the world, we are going to lose what unions and social parties where fighting for in the last hundred years. And the most frustrating is: We’re losing it in a democratic way. We vote for less freedom, less wealth, more animosity, while the upper caste gets richer than ever. We let our fears stoke and shut ourselves away in nationalism and fanaticism. We’re freezing, while bullets of social, economical and ecological disasters are howling in one’s ears.

Now, knowledge – here we are again. As long as lower classes got some democratic power, today’s politics work as long as the public doesn’t know about real motivations of the upper class. Ever wanted to be a fly on a wall while some ruling men (yes, men – usually no women) speaking clear words? Wikileaks is your ticket!

For some decades leading think tanks believed that free societies and free markets will be followed automatically by wealth. That is not completely untrue, but we see that this philosophy ignores health of life and the globe – the neoliberal market is backfiring at our livelihoods. Equally the free Internet – THE synonym for a free society – is backfiring now: in form of Wikileaks. A truly free Internet is not compatible with a two class society – that is what we can see now and what is, or was, science fiction.

That is why today’s free Internet is so important for future – or so dangerous, for them. If we will get some china-like Internet – and I’m sure they will try, e.g. in the name of terrorism – cheerless science fiction will come true, a second Dark Age. Maybe we can see China as testing area for the successor philosophy of neoliberalism.

In your own interest, support Wikileaks to build the New World:

Speaking of media on this wide topic, Isaac Asimovs Foundation comes to my mind, Frank Schätzings Limit, John Brunners Shockwave Rider, Gattica, or the TV-series Babylon 5. What’s on yours?

To be clear: I don’t believe in a global, one voice conspiracy towards a two class society, more in a system of similar believes which makes competitive groups to friends because of the same enemy: That is loss of power and wealth in the own clan. And maybe a few ideologists who believe in Social Darwinism. But I don’t need to tell you that we are here to help each other…

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