Irish Folkrock and Pop

GlenturretThis is the Project where I was drummer for ten years (9½ to be exact). With Glenturret I learned all the basic stuff. Especially to deal with stage-fight – which seems to be more easy buried behind a rack of toms and cymbals. Sitting with a Dobro at the edge of a stage nowadays it feels a bit closer to the audience…

How to write songs together, make a song work, technical difficulties – drums are the worsts instrument you can imagine: all volume problems are cause of them). To serve the music and not your own ego, etc were other things to master.

We played at many good places like the Schüür in Luzern and Reitschule in Bern – it was lots of fun and action and good friendship. Visit their homepage and have a look around.

GlenturretAfter I moved from my hometown Baar to Bern to start an acoustic folk duo with Ralf Reimann, I went one or two times a month back home for rehearsals. This went on as I moved to Basel, every time a journey of about 110 km one way.

For other countries this might be nothing – but here in little Switzerland moving this far is half through the country and considered as a trip to the other end of the world 😉 .

After two more years I got tired of this, as I was also involved in other acoustic projects in Bern and Basel. I had to set priorities, and these are acoustic projects. My decision catched a lucky moment: after one month they found a new drummer who is in line with the team.

So it came to a good end. I could focus on my acoustic stuff and they found a good, motivated drummer in the neighbourhood.

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