Brattleboro approve Bush-Cheney indictment articles

Brattleboro approve Bush-Cheney indictment articles

Wanted: Bush and CheneyWow, it’s definetly true: America is the country of the unlimited possibilities! President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney now may want to think twice about any vacation plans in the Green Mountain state, where the voters of Brattleboro today voted to seek an indictment of the president and vice president and arrest them if they show up in town.

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Before I was reading this article from Deepak Chopra, «Why Jesus lost Nomination». The first comments are mostly evangelical, I only thought «oh my god, America is lost!». Later one Commenter wrote: To discuss with evangelicals is like kicking a big rock – no move, but your foot hurts. So you better go around and leave it.

How ever, on the other hand, there is now an indictment article on Bush and Cheney in Brattleboro. Nature tries to keep the balance, it seems. I can live with that… :peace:

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