Blog Action Day: Poverty — Poor at Heart

Blog Action Day: Poverty — Poor at Heart

Blog Action Day

Talking of poverty most of us thinks in terms of money. I would like to bring up another point: It seems to me that povertys mainly reason is that we – who rule the world – are poor at heart. If not, we would help the poor in an efficient way. The world is talking all about — and does nothing. Not for the so-called third world neither our own local neighbors.

Many of us are educated enough to see the „Big Picture“, how all and everything is connected: „We would like to give you some millions development aid — and see what nice armored vehicle and guns we have! If we can put our leash on you as our pitbull in war against terrorism, you can have it all for free. And we sell cheap Tomatoes and Chicken too. You want technology? Sit up and beg…“ (I know it’s not that simple. However, it is like that. 😉 )

But few of us are educated enough at heart to feel the „Big Picture“. Only if one can feel it, one will change life and take responsibility. But poor hearts don’t feel, they calculate.

The world hunger index 2008 made official today in Berlin tells us there are 923’000’000 (923 Millions) hungry people, 75’000’000 more than last year. Currently one says that the financial crisis costs us 1’400’000’000’000 $ (1.4 Billions, IWF 7.10.2008). The loosings of only the ecosystem wood are acording to the study „The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity“ (TEEB) about 5’000’000’000’000 € (5 Billions) yearly, overfishing 50’000’000’000 (50 Mrd).

While the Banks in Germany get 470’000’000’000 € (470 Mrd) only in Europe, the poor got only 12 Mrd, which is a fortieth (uh, I’m to lazy now to add this numbers worldwide, but you get the picture) — and they aren’t responsible for their situation. We have a system that cause disprofits of several billions yearly worldwide, which kills millions of people with hunger, wars etc. and as it bankrupts itself, we throw in some more billions.

We think we understand the „Big Picture“ and that it needs the billions to not fall off the wall. We are not poor thinkers and know how to save our necks. Native americans say, the white man doesn’t act nor doesn’t speak from the heart. Because we are poor at it and it makes us sick.

Is this justice? If yes, then a kind we cannot understand. Why should we, poor at heart, cause ourselves and the other poor to die, while they can do nothing than to invade our territorys? And if they succeed, they’re gonna die on poor hearts to…

All we need is to feel the „Big Picture“. But how do we teach feelings? Teach to understand what our promotion-affected ego doesn’t want to know? We need to learn what kind of real satisfaction feels true — and to act from the heart. There’s enough food and stuff for all and if we speak with our heart we will share.

Approximately 10 % of people own 90 % of the world. If you can read these lines, you belong to them. So what are you waiting for?

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