The story of stuff

The story of stuff

The story of stuffHave you ever bought a radio for € 7.50? Ever asked yourself how it is possible to pay for the high tech insides, the plastic housing, the disposal of toxic waste from production, the fees, the transport from China, the margins of producer, dealer and seller with out of this low amount?

Did you ever thought about what goes on before and after you buy stuff? In this 20 minute animation you’ll get a firm overview of the whole process: earn resources, production, distribution, selling and disposal of waste. Where does our consumption lead us?

Probably this is nothing new to you — nevertheless it’s fun to watch this piece of art, which shows in a surprisingly clear and funny manner the complex connections, the big picture of what is going on when you buy stuff.

You won’t feel sad after, because Annie don’t point a finger at you saying «You’re a dumb, mean destroyer». You’ll feel like «Wow, why don’t we change that, I want to».

This is great educational stuff! Show and talk about this with you children and everyone who wants to know or wonders. And them who don’t too! They will go 😯 !

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