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Big times

The last few days I learned many things. First of all: Screen media ARE NOT print media. After I did all my script sizes with points (as any layouter does) I changed all to em (a relative mesurement like percent, as any webdesigner does). Well, my mistake… But now letters should look more the same in different browsers.

Then, I added the gallery, with two sets of … but look for yourself 🙂 . Then, I added the forum, as a place for a guestbook and for site problem reports, for deeper discussions (me don’t like big discussions in a blog comment area) and as a support place for any computer related questions, since I’m kind of a geek and know some help, maybe.

And yes, now there’s a German part on the welcome site. But French, Italian, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese is still missing. Hm, when I think about it – Chinese I’ll boycott eventually…

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