Here I’ll upload some pictures from time to time. I don’t take to many shots – but sometimes it’s nice to have some pics around…

In Carambolage with Andy Trinkler

Small gig with Andy Trinkler und Mich Schärer in der Carambolage in Basel, March 2012.

Holidays 2008

A few pics from Basel Land...

The first MPR-Sessions

Pics from our first recording session in the MPR-room.

Holidays 2007

Again I pollute my gallery with some pics taken with my stone aged Sony Ericson P800. :) Enjoy the ride!

Holidays 2005

Here are some pics from my tour through the swiss alps in 2005. Pleas excuse the quality, I made the pics with my old Sony Ericson P800.


These are some pictures from my great 10 years with Glenturret.