Why women will save the world

Why women will save the world
Showcar girls

Showcar girls

Well, I’m not sure about the role these two would like to play in the process, but according to a survey in the US 73% of male teenagers aged between 11 and 18 have wishes mainly for their personal advantage, while only 46% of female teenagers are egocentric in the same degree. About 25% of girls and 9% of boy had altruistic wishes for their families. 110 teens were asked for 3 wishes – this are not many teens, but I think the numbers exceed any possible statistical failure.

85% had personal wishes, 32% considered others with one or more. Personal wishes were riches (41%), followed by an object to own (30%) and skills (17% for school, 16% in sports). 14% wished for superpowers or more wishes, which reminds me of «If I’m as intelligent as I think I am clever, I’m still plenty stupid enough.»

Girls wanted to be happy, boys to have success. 20% of the teens wished for world peace. Wow! Sadly there are no percentages how that split between boys and girls, but probably that’s not hard to guess. The survey was presented on the conference of Pediatric Academic Societies in Denver, Colorado.

If I remember my self, my wishes hadn’t changed in my youth and since then just a bit: Back then environment protection, world peace and to be a rock star – today that the collective human mind finally evolves in the third millennium, everyone becomes a mystic and to have some more gigs, with a small fee, charges and a dinner. How about you?

If we let the boys rule the world onward, the future status symbol may look like this:

Carriage Hummer

Carriage Hummer (www.gillout.com)

What a sexy thing that is: Depending on equipment with one to eight horse powers, oats engine with pinch ignition, my father would have said!  Like he used to ask: What is the most stupid ethnos? The men people. Now please argue, you have no chance – shakti rules!


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