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Reworked theme for KlangArt

Reworked theme for KlangArt

After a slow but steady work I finally got it fixed: With the upgrade to WordPress 2.3.3, which brought some major changes (esp. tags-support), I rebuilt my whole theme from the scratch.Beckett WordPress ThemeA year ago I started with this theme Beckett as a graphical template and Magellan-10 WordPress Themethis other theme Magellan-10 as structural template, (both seems not to be maintained anymore), by joining them together to my needs.

So I made my first steps with CSS and PHP. I scripted and fiddled and designed and designed and scripted and fiddled a few (or much more) nights away till I finally got me this: WordPress theme KlangArt

At the end especially the css-sheet was a real pain in the ass to finetune or change something in the theme. With upgrading WordPress from 2.1 to 2.3 I had a good reason to rework the whole thing – and here it is.

I know there’s to much in the sidebars, to much different stuff in the pages and categories. But I don’t like the idea of having 73 different blogs for my interests. So I’m sure my site feels like my brain – everything’s pinched on a pin head and thrilled well…

(Edit: Damn Internet Explorer – why can’t it do like all the other browsers are doing. Hope, I’ll fix it shortly. Meanwhile, get Firefox…! :firefox: )

(Edit 2: Fixed – basically. I still can’t get the headings on the linkpage to work in IE 7. But is usable so far…)

(Edit 3: Fixed – complete. :whew: Now I feel as a IE-conqueror! And it feels good. But, hmm, was it worth the effort?)