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Brands of Evil – 2nd Part

Brands of Evil – 2nd Part

Here is the first part. Thank you for shopping fair!

The Brands of Evil – 2nd Part
The Brands of Evil – 2nd Part (Oxfam)

Update 2.4.2020:
Rama, Lätta, Ben&Jerry-Glacé and Rama to Unilever
Valser Wasser to CocaCola fehlt

This is the updated Oxfam chart of Brand of Evil – for education only, since we don’t buy them anyway, isn’t it. So please share this anyway you can. Click on the pic to get it enlarged.

The Brands of Evil

The Brands of Evil

Small post just for completeness – this chart must not be missing here!
Source: huffingtonpost.com, approximately 2011.

Thank you for shopping fair.

Die Marken des Bösen

The Brands of Evil (please click to enlarge)

No need to say that we don’t buy all this stuff, isn’t it. But if you need some arguments: In all this stuff there is some alien-stuff that makes you stop thinking – be aware, I’ve told you!! 😉

Some serious arguments may be found here about bottled Water, by way of example, or money:

Bottled Life, an actual film about Nestle: bottledlifefilm.com

Let’s Make Money, a film about the neoliberal money system.

A collection of good documentaries may be found here: filmefuerdieerde.ch


Dioxin: Greed strikes back

Dioxin: Greed strikes back

Poisoned animalfood

Poisoned animal food (Gerd Altmann, pixelio.de)

Just a few simple thoughts on the actual case of dioxin in animal food:

  • Who eats meat and eggs from animals which got fed up with fat made of (as it seems at this point) old deep-fry oil and waste from biodiesel (what else is anybody’s guess) – and supports animal factories – deserves to get poisoned. That is act of market beyond control, and ignorance is no excuse.
  • The same applies to everyone who believes that the free market will regulate all. They deserves to eat what their market regulates.
  • If you’d like to minimize the risk that your body become hazardous waste, buy and eat organic. Your graveyards earthworms will be thankful.
  • „Organic“ is no registered trade mark, so be careful what you choose. As a major consumer you need to be informed – and there is a big difference in knowledge and belief, facts and advertising.
  • Tests showed up to a 77-fold excess of dioxin over the legal limit in food fats from the manufacturer Harles und Jentzsch, 18 out of 30 tests were contaminated. Up to now. Harles und Jentzsch knows about the problem since March 2010, but kept it secret.
  • Officials said there would be no danger – what else can they say? If you’re working in marketing you know: nothing…
  • Like I said, all is coming back to you, some day.

Have a nice one! >:)

Update 8.1.2011: Now the first contaminated meat was found: Chicken with 4.99 picogram. Legal limit is 2 picogram. But surely there is still no danger for consumers…

Food poker: Fooling people out of their food

Food poker: Fooling people out of their food

Just want to share a meaningful picture.

Right to food (www.rechtaufnahrung.ch)

Right to food (www.rechtaufnahrung.ch)

See the faces in this excellent picture! See yourself? If you’d like to learn more, www.righttofood.org or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_food is a good place to start.

“In a world overflowing with riches, it is a outrageous scandal that more than 852 million people suffer hunger and malnutrition and that every year over 6 million children die of starvation and related causes. We must take urgent action now.” (Jean Ziegler, April 2008)

In other words, imagine every 7th human you see on street has nothing or not enough to eat. Sit on a shopping malls gallery, watch people passing by while thinking about this…