Frozen people in Europe: Just a small question

Frozen people in Europe: Just a small question
kissing sleeping bags

What may a man dream freezing to death? This... (picture source)

Governments donated billions to the financial industry, and so managers and their bodyguards, villas, security cams, pools and bank accounts got subsidized in a way farmers would never dream of.

For a really real small-small part of that money it would have been possible to buy some sleeping bags for all these men and women who had to freeze to death in this winter: 212 since November 2009, up to now, in Europe.

It’s a shame! Why don’t we do that?

Sleeping bag

... or that?

I think, the answer is only logical: All who are in responsibility think in resources: money, oil, accounts, pools, human resources etc. So you have frozen resources? Don’t panic – just defrost it! No resource need a sleeping bag. Beside the upper ten thousand when they go camping.

But they are not a resource, they are God. And God made it that way…

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