Junkyard Gürbetal

Junkyard Gürbetal

This is one where people are of two minds I think. Even my own splits in two here. Can a junkyard bear a historical meaning? And if yes, should it be cleared due to environmental protection?

Junkyard 1

Well, the story is this: In the years from 1933 until 1975, when his son took over his business, Walter Messerli dealt second hand spares. He parked the remaining car wrecks in his backyard, where they are still today. Now a local curt decided that the area has to be cleared because of pollution. Now there’s a pool forming to save this ‚Historical Junkyard‚.

You know, I want cars with combustion engines abolished. I would stand in the first row! But when I see this pictures – there’s something intriguing and I’m sort of glad I don’t have to make the decision. Click ‚continue reading‘ to see more pics and tell me what you think.

This Pic is nothing special, just some overview.

Junkyard 2

The beauty is in the detail.

Junkyard 3


.Junkyard 4


Junkyard 5


Junkyard 7

This is the real old stuff.

Junkyard 8

Some city street after apocalypse 😉 .

Junkyard 9


Junkyard 10

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