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Beard Squareneck Vintage R

Beard Squareneck Vintage R

Yesterday I was in my favorite guitar shop, Saitensprung in Schaffhausen, because I might have some neck problems with my Goldtone (a Beard license production) and I wanted to check it out with my dealer. I’m not there often, because of the distance.

Beard Squareneck Vintage R

So there I was, and some squarenecks were too (this is always bad!). A National (with no bass), a Beard Mike Auldridge Signature (nice, sadly all in black and expensive), an other expensive Beard, the Beard Vintage R (very warm tone, a bit less expensive), two cheaper Goldtones.

Look at this beautiful Beard Squareneck Vintage R. And I think you guess it – I left my old one for repair, left some more € 1’900.– and went home with some kilos of nice glued woods and chromed metal packed in a case.

After two years playing kind of a low cost instrument I’m very happy to have a good middle class squareneck now. Generally I’m not very vintage oriented, in the sense of „it must be good and worthy because it’s named vintage“. But as for this Beard and for the D42 with its vintage-style bracings: It’s the sound that really convinced me.

The downside from all this squarenecking is, my D42 was lurking around in its case the last two years – blame me, I know! It’s a shame! But time literally slides through my hands…

Hmm, now that I think of it: If you got me € 4’800.–, you can have it. Surely it will be happy to be released from its case and played again. Be the knight in shiny armor! (Imagine a fanfare here…)