Hi there!

The peekaboo Cow

Holy cow, the peekaboo (Michael Ottersbach, pixelio.de)

This is my personal Website. I’m a musician, a searcher for truth and the Theory of Everything, therefore a mystic and a thinker. An INTP and Pisces to be exact – just to set the viewpoint. 😉

I try to produce some meaningful wish-wash, generally from a far-away system-theoretic view. This is often speculative but big fun too, it keeps my synapses firing.

I try to advertise my musical Projects (see a list of shows) and blog on some topics if I believe I got something clever or important to say. In my static pages I try to write down my general views on central topics regarding the mess we have on our spaceship nowadays and to identify some basic points for combining different systems of thought and/or belief.

I use firefox, so for me the site works well. Let’s share inspiration, thoughts and insights. We are here to help each other, so be a love terrorist and leave a comment if you disagree. It means a lot to me.

You’ll find some German texts in the blog. I’m native Swiss German and writing English is for keeping my few skills up, so I might not be clear everywhere…

One Love. Music is the key to all. Let’s bring heaven on earth, finally!

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