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Chemtrails Reality Check: A few Calculations

Chemtrails Reality Check: A few Calculations

I always quarreled with the conception of chemtrails, so I finally made myself some calculations about a stuff X mixed into kerosene. To make a long story short, the calculations are (1) somewhat imprecise, as only a few variables are included, but (2) the result is in a range, where the conspiracy theory would maybe be plausible if the concentration of X would be some ten billion (109) times higher. Please play with the spread sheet (see below), correct my calculations if you find some mistakes, or calculate on your own. In any case, please share your results!


Chemtrails?? (Peter Freitag)

Basic thoughts, assumptions, variables, constants

Let’s start with the assumptions: There is a stuff X in the (estimated per 2015) 300’000’000 tons kerosene. Say it is one percent, that’s about 3’000’000 tons. That’s 3 mio liters at a specific weight of 1, that’s about 10 supertankers. It must be produced, distributed and transported, mixed with the kerosene, etc. Refineries are placed all over the world, about 700 (2006). Not an easy task to keep the constant, even distribution and all secret all the time. Ok, say «they» can fix that.

So let’s make some serious calculations. In this spread sheet (v1.4, Google Docs, Excel, Libre Office) we calculate the amount of molecules of X our lungs would absorb per hour (Make your input on the input sheet of the workbook.). To calculate this I set the following variables:

  1. We take an air layer with the height of where the big planes fly.
  2. We take a distribution area defined as part of the earth surface to meet higher contamination in urban areas.
  3. We distribute all X even in the resulting amount of km3 air. The amount of X is a percentage of kerosene, used per year.
  4. We give X a life cycle in days and break it down into a contamination per hour.
  5. We give X a molecular size where 1 equals H2O (18 mol).
  6. Finally we have an X-absorption rate of the lungs.

The constants are on the right in the spread sheet, the variables can be entered in the green fields. As a comparing size I chose potassium cyanide (German: Zyankali), because it is one of the most bad poisons. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) of 0.2 mg cyanide (9.419 cyanide molecules) per liter drinking water. 140 mg are deadly: At maximum contaminant level one needs to drink 700 liter water do die.

Please play around with the sheet and find the mistakes, I’m no scientist!

Scenario 1

Chemtrails Chart v1.3

Chemtrails Chart v1.3. If the chart where linear, the KCN-column would be as high as 3.6 light-minutes,

So let’s start with a good scenario: Take an average aircraft altitude of 2000 m. Say that there is no kerosine but 100% X in all aircraft tanks (about 1000 supertankers a year). Take an active life cycle of 180 days, a molecule size of 18 mol (H2O, pretty small). A land factor of 0.2, which is only the land surface of earth. And we assume that lungs absorb 100 % of X in the inhaled air. That results in a pollution of 0.000’000’000’9 milliliter X per dm3 (1 liter) air. Or 9-10 milliliter, or 0.0009 nanoliter.

Or 1.2717 molecules of X!

This sounds like pretty lot of stuff. But one has to be aware that the deadly dose of potassium cyanide (KCN, 140 mg) is about 6.622 molecules (66’063’000’000’000’000’000’000). We need to breathe 60 years in scenario 1 to get the the same amount of molecules like 140 mg potassium cyanide.

We reach a concentration of 313 molecules of X per liter air per hour and still miss the above max. EPA contaminant level by 3’000’000 times in this not very realistic scenario. Breathe one month to collect the 0.2 mg KCN.

Scenario 4

Let’s take a more realistic approack: Assume that planes fly with kerosene and take an average flight high of 7000 m. Let’s take an amount of 0.6 of the earth surface to meet the higher concentration in urban areas. Say there is 0.5 % of X in kerosene. Let’s assume X is active over 15 days. This results in in a concentration of 0.87 ml/km3 air. 8.75-13 ml per liter air (0.000’000’000’000’875). This equals in 25.39 (billion) molecules (25’276’000’000) absorbed by your lounges per hour at a 5-percent-rate, same like oxygen.

We need to breath 298 million years in this scenario 4 to get the deadly dose of KCN. Or 426’000 years to meet the EPA maximum pollution. With the above 25.3 billion molecules of X we miss the EPA MCL about 1010 times.

Scenario 2 & 3

are somewhat in between, just to make the world go around. But changing variables don’t make a big deal…


No, not really, I guess, no chemtrails, not with human technology. No extraordinary fun for «them». A poisoning over 60 years would be imaginable, but planes don’t fly with X alone. Realistic variables give results way behind human life cycle.

One could argue with kind of alien technology, alien-X or something. But no, I don’t think so. «They» do have nothing aliens could want for trade. And why should aliens collaborate with «them»? Because «them» are floppy protein bags? Besides this is not the focus of this blog.

«They» want control, true, but I believe the «chineese way» or the «high-finance and depth way» is far more efficient than chemtrails with alien technology, «they» don’t need chemtrails to control anything, besides that chemtrails seem not to work.

Or probably there are homeopaths by the CIA who mix up about 3’000’000 tons of X every year? Say 3’000 CIA-agents, everyone shaking 2.7 liters X per day without weekends nor holydays. The Central Shaking Agency! Possible, yes, but I guess… no.

I’m a searcher, so please tell me my mistakes – and please in numbers. Have fun and regularly check your believes! 🙂

Article version 1.0, 11.2012. Big thanks to Nadine, who first checked my calculations.

Fukushima and rising sea level

Fukushima and rising sea level

A Google search for Nuclear Power rising sea level or Fukushima rising sea level brings up no article on this topic. Hey, I’m the worlds first, a nobody like me! Yes, a bit pride I am, if you allow.

Fukushima and the rising sea level

Fukushima and the rising sea level

Quickly this was the oldest article I found, from July 2007. Ironically an uranium dealer site. It seems the question mark in the title should be deleted. Who knows that sea level will not rise the 10 meters some time the next few thousand years, the amount 3 reactors are above sea level? How many meters will be disastrous?

If a new sarcophagus in Chernobyl costs billions, what about Fukushima? Will it be possible to fight rising ground water? To build a new sarcophagus under water? What if needed High Tech solutions go missing by the upcoming fossil fuel crisis or a possible new financial crisis? Who cares (what happens) when we are gone? If radioactivity goes into the sea, it will no more be locally like in Chernobyl.

Let’s hope Tepco’s engineers are more intelligent as I am…


Kernschmelzen: Die Halbwertszeit von Information

Kernschmelzen: Die Halbwertszeit von Information

Das alles ist unendlich tragisch und auch so unnötig. Man weiss, dass es Tsunamis gibt, 10m und mehr. Man weiss, Atomreaktoren sind eine Hochrisiko-Technologie. Man weiss, dass die Geschichte einem lehrt, dass man aus der Geschichte lernen sollte. Nur reicht nie eine einzelne Havarie – nicht mal deren zwei, wenn sie nicht genug gross sind, zu wenig Opfer fordern oder zeitlich auseinander liegen. Oder einfach, weil man nur bis eins zählen kann – was bedeuten müsste, dass wir es gar nicht können.


Schwarz-gelbe GlŸhbirnen (2011)

Schwarz-gelbe GlŸhbirnen (2011) (Klick für Quelle)

Jetzt ist ja eine erste, ungefähre Statistik möglich: Seit 1942 gab es 10 Kernschmelzen (wenn ich auf Wikipedia richtig zählte). Unfälle der Stufen INES 3 – 4 gelten für den Gesetzgeber als GAU (grösster anzunehmender Unfall/Auslegungsstörfall), was meinen will, dass ein AKW bei uns eine Strahlenfreisetzung bis zur Stufe INES 4 von der Umwelt isolieren können müsste. Wieso bloss können sie das nicht?

Blöderweise gibt es da noch die Stufen INES 5 bis 7. Tschernobyl und Fukushima gelten als Stufe 6, Three Mile Island und Tokai-mura als Stufe 5. Ausser Tokai-mura (Brennelementefabrik) waren alle drei teilweise oder ganze (Tschernobyl) Kernschmelzen, die von ihrer Natur her NICHT kontrollierbar sind, also nur Glück schlimmeres verhindern kann.

Bei einer auf AKW-Unfälle fokussierten Rechnung mit Kernschmelzen seit 1942 ergibt sich ein Mittel von einem Super-GAU auf 23.3, eine Kernschmelze alle 7 Jahre.

Also alle 7 Jahre ein zufälliges Nicht-Auftreten eines INES grösser 4, der zuverlässig durchschnittlich alle 23 Jahre eine Atomgruppe engagiert, die dann einen strahlenden Auftritt hat. Dieses Risiko wird man vermutlich wieder eingehen, da man meint, keine Alternativen zu haben. Die Politikermehrheit wird – nach anfänglichem, wahltaktischem Hyperaktivismus – da nichts ändern, wenn WIR sie nicht dazu bewegen. Aber genau dasselbe WIR braucht immer mehr Energie, mehr PS, mehr Stoff, zum Wachstum, zur Verschwendung, you know.

Ohne Super-Duper-Hyper-Mega-unglaublich-alles-killende-mega-GAU (ob ökonomisch, ökologisch, nuklear, oder wie auch immer) wird die Wachstums-Kuh nicht geschlachtet werden. Die zig blauen Augen, die wir längst haben, reichen nicht. Es wurde bis kürzlich kein Beben der Stärke 9 gemessen, wie auch kein INES 7. Das Beben hatten wir. Schon blöd, wenn man nicht zählen kann.

Von daher, ja, scheisse nochmal, hoffe ich, dass die Winde der Evolution uns gut gesonnen sind und möglichst viel von Japan für die nächsten 20’000 Jahre zur Sperrzone machen. Aber selbst hier halte ich menschliche Kollektive für fähig, das mit den Jahren unter „Shit happens – so what?“ ab zu buchen. Immerhin: Radioaktive Wahle werden sie wohl nicht mehr essen. Ist das nun gut oder schlecht?

Die wirkliche Katastrophe finde ich, wie der Positiv-GAU in Bahrain mit Unterstützung anderer Emirate (und damit amerikanischer) nieder geknüppelt wird. Der Anfang einer selbständigen, selbstverwalteten und unabhängigen Arabischen Welt könnte heute wohl nicht nur Kick sein für eine Energiewende, sondern auch für eine globalpolitische…

Die Halbwertszeit von Information


Information (Klick für Quelle)

„Interessant“ ist nur, wo’s am meisten Tote gibt. So scheint Ägypten jetzt schon wieder vergessen zu sein. Die Halbwertszeit menschlicher Erinnerungen scheint direkt abhängig von der Zahl der Toten. Wer erinnert sich denn noch an den letzten Tsunami? Das waren 230’000 Opfer, 2004, 6 Jahre: Ein Jahr Medienaufmerksamkeit für knapp 40’000 Tote – das ist nicht billig, das ist gratis. Wer sprach vor letztem Freitag noch von Tschernobyl ausser WoZ, Publik Forum und ARTE?

Nachweislich sinnlose Kriege, hyper-Öko- oder Finanz-super-GAU, Höhere Gewalten: egal, nichts hilft. Ich finde, man sollte global die Forschung darauf konzentrieren, die Halbwertszeiten von Plutonium und Erinnerungen zu tauschen. Ein solches oder anderes Wunder wird wohl nötig sein, um das Wunder Bewusstsein zu retten. Aber wer sagt, dass Wunder unsterblich sein müssten: Radioaktiver Abfall ist gar kein Wunder und trotzdem (annähernd) unsterblich; zehn-, zwanzigtausend Jahre sind ja schon mal nicht schlecht.


Zur Zeit könnte ich all den neoliberalen und anderen gebildeten Idioten den Kopf abreissen, um die Biomasse den Ozeanen zurück zu führen. Eine Milliarde Einheiten dürften da schon zusammen kommen, auch wenn man die mit Zivilisationsgiften kontaminierten in die Sondermüllverbrennung umleitet. Das Ganze wäre ethisch sauber: Idioten sind keine Volksgruppe und schon gar keine Minderheit. Ok, Idioten mit viel Macht vielleicht schon – aber die nehmen es auch nicht immer so genau; die verstehen das. Sonst soll Berlusconi gute Workshops geben, hübscher Busen vorausgesetzt.

Nein, die Welt ist nicht fair, und ich auch nicht – Funktionen haben keine Moral. So wenig wie Hochrisiko-Technologien. Als Mensch bin ich wohl eine.

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

This is a contribution to the Blog Action Day 2009.

It is not science. It is not technology. It is not anything but us. It is the way we think and the way we react on and experience our environment. Up to now there were only a few smaller collectives of people who became witnesses of destructions of their environment. Otherwise we would collectively remember that and its consequences. But we don’t.

If it would be something like “Go and run against a spiky branch!” obviously nobody would follow. Nobody will sniff slurry for having fun I assume. We are programmed to protect us from harm.

Where the shit hits the fan

Where the shit hits the fan

There are dangers where our protection algorithm breaks down: Changes, happening so slowly that we simply adapt to, and therefore overlook the upcoming situation. This is a pure failure in our modern consciousness because – for humanity as such – there was no need to learn this lesson, until now.

Different people react differently on situations like this and the following is no judgment but a kind of analysis. A zero-dimensional mind just sits on a point in the here and now, eats when hungry, sleeps when tired. A one-dimensional mind gets a way: If thirsty, it goes straight to the well. A two-dimensional mind sees the surrounding area and takes a longer way to the well because it may be less exhausting. A three-dimensional mind may be asking about what is up there in heaven and down here in hell, whereas a four-dimensional mind sees how time influences the fire which is trying to burn us.

We all know all of this conditions, more or less, it got nothing to do with our western-style intelligence. If you are sitting in a dock of a bay, you are a zero. If you put a water pot on ball bearing wheels, you are a three – and a four, if you share the water. The question is: What is your motivation?

If the situation brings comfort, you tend to be even a five. If it seems like a lot of work and hassle, you will be a big zero. This is the way Godmother has created us, it is our biological heritage. And it will be our downfall, because Godmother and the tree of evolution never thought of atom bombs, let alone of blowing all the carbon and cesium into the air. They are creators, not destroyers.

Since anyone got a kind of main character, fours tend to be leaders, which get the threes to build guns, which the twos will use, while the ones are singing Hallelujah, and the zeros play cannon fodder. This is true for secular and religious leaders.

Now I do not think we all need a rat-race to become the highest possible number. The New World needs autonomous thinkers and tinkers, who do it with all their hands, brains and hearts. Brains we have enough in the First World, hands we shipped to the Chinese, hearts we loosed some time ago.

My vision is to follow the numbers, put the pedal to the metal and BE, HERE and NOW. I’m sure, anyone likes this! Put the pedal to the metal and MOVE, mentally too, do not stop. Then put the pedal to the metal and LIVE TO SEE, explore. Put the pedal to the metal again and THINK, be an inventor. No stop, put the pedal to the metal once more and DECIDE whether you would like the others to do the same as you do.

If our decisions are not based on IQ, EQ and SQ (intelligence, emotional and soul quotient), we will neither save the climate nor anything other, not even our selves, obviously. But one cannot order people to be like that – you and me have to start! We need political pressure, civil and industrial disobedience, to stand together against our biological heritage of laziness. Every penny we spend is a vote for tomorrows productions. Every action leads to a reaction. You decide!

Do not wait for others, hurry! Time is running out! Good thing is we have the Star Trek and Babylon 5 Seasons – if we do not make it that far, we have at least dreamed about it…

Defective thinking

Defective thinking

(If you do not think that it is that urgent, think again. Think of all the normal, poisoned or radioactive waste in the seas and everywhere, used depleted uranium munitions (google it), other poison everywhere, sick bodies, sick minds, sick souls, climate change, acquisitiveness, craving for power, economic growth, overfishing, extinction of species, you name it. To me it seems like a wonder that it did not got worse. Or maybe it had, but we still do not know… This is hard to face, but we have to. Let me assure you: putting the pedal to the metal is fun! Do it as long as possible.)

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

On YouTube I stumbled upon this actual lecture about Climate Change. It is mainly in three parts:

  • Facts about climate change from an environmental point of view
  • Needs and possibilities to master the challenge
  • Economical views on the subject

The question of why America sends annual 300 Mrd $ to foreign countries for oil, which is answered with Lenin’s quote „The capitalists are so hungry for profits that they will sell us the rope to hang them with.“, and the addition „…and they will send us the money to buy the rope“ is a very typical view for Americans somehow, I think. Cowboy Smiley

Nevertheless, with todays technics our vehicles could be 50 %, buildings 80 % more efficient without change in lifestyle. Acting is not a question of money or ideology, but of intelligence.

What not comes in numbers here is the benefit in public health due to better air and water quality. Nothing is really new here, but the arguments may help you out in the field…

(Dr. Lester Lave, Co-Director Carnegie Mellon Electrical Industry Center; Dr. M. Granger Morgan, Director of the Climate Decision Making Center; Edward Rubin, Professor in Engineering and Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering, 1:15)

If you wanna know it really exactly, watch the following video too, which outlines the research and the process behind the Global Climate Change Report to the Bush administration in 2002. So yes, they know: Global warming is fact, it’s due human activities, without sun activities being a reason etc.

(And yes, this is a very dry one, but gives an excellent overview on the complexity of the matter, if you’d like to be fed with data, numbers and formulas by Ralph Cicerone, Chancellor of the University of California at Irvine, 1:10)

Killing fuss

Killing fuss

In ‚Dying for some quiet: The truth about noise pollution‚ in the NewScientist they state that

«…the WHO’s findings suggest that long-term exposure to traffic noise may account for 3 per cent of deaths from ischaemic heart disease in Europe – typically heart attacks.»

In Europa alone probably half a million lifeyears are lost anually.

Killing fussNothing new are the facts that chronical niose pollution cause sleep disorder, hardness of hearing and learning disorders.

But really interesting is this:

A Swedish survey in Munich has shown a 25 % advancement of childrens long-term memory in th area of the airport Riem, after it was closed. Just impressive is the fact of a memory decline in the same degree in the area of the new Munich airport since it started operation.

So, what do we learn? Wearing ear muffs should be obligatory… 😐