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Tweaking, tweaking, tweaking!

Tweaking again. Hacking some php-file. Testing. Move a pixel up, a pixel left – damn, back again. Testing…

I’m getting closer. I still need a nice logo. In the content area it cuts off about 10 pixels on the right side, and I can’t find a reason. For now I left this out.

But I’m very happy with the look. And tired – I’ll go and listen to my pillow what it has to tell. Good night.

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New Look!

Phew, here is the new look.

Magellan-10 WordPress ThemeThis was the original skin and I hope, I can achive some warmer feel. Tell me if you like it 😉 !

Hacking a cleanly written css file is quite easy, but still I am not shure how to use the stilesheet for pages. I will see… To program python is much easyer.

So, now is time for a template page to genetate some more content – check this place again.

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New Theme

Finally I found a theme that fits my needs. To fit my eye I’ll work some on the colors, then finally I’ll start to build the rest of the site. Man, I program python, but this html gives me the willies! It’s 5 am again…

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Hello world!

This is my first post here 🙂 . Not even my index.htm page exists but my blog. So let’s stop sneaking through the options here and start working…! Stay tuned.

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