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This is a link to my collection of 300 (@ 3.2024) articles from online and printed sources, witch may conflict with copyright laws. Many different background topics like science, politics, economics, mystics and the like – for people with big noses … The sources are there, and because it is a contribution to the «Great Work», I say vital information is more important than money. So here comes the stolen education:


It is stored on Evernote, pulled by postach.io. There is no tag cloud, but you can click on tags of each article to filter them. Or you can try a custom Google search on samuelheller.postach.io. It’s not a link archive. so there are no dead links. Most happens to be german, some english.

I highlight this one, because it’s absolutely central to understand why the world is as it is.
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What all these made me think you can read on my Blog.