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Two Planets

Two PlanetsWell, yeah, two planets met somewhere at the edge of the universe.

«Hi!» said the first.

«Hi…» – «Hm, you look sick. Everything ok?»

«I’ve got humans.» – «Oh, that’s really disgusting.»

«For a short time they were really itchy !»

«So don’t worry, that bodes well» said the second, encouragingly, «it’ll be over in no time then…!»


Got it from this Blogs comments (german).


Edit: Found this on eskira.tumblr.com

A planet has humans.
A planet has humans. (eskira.tumblr.com)
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Dream about Iran

(or about any other big crude oil deliverer)

Close your eyes (well, after reading) and imagine the following.

Sweet Mullah in chief would state:

  • We have no nuclear material to build weapons – come and see.
  • We have no plants to make poison gas – come and see.
  • We even have no missiles to transport such things – come and see.
  • We don’t treat our opposition like lifestock – come and see.
  • We respect human rights – come and see.
  • Everyone has one vote, everyone can campaign – come and see.
  • We’d like to be your host – come and test us.
  • And, finally, we’ll sell you our oil in Euros – come and buy!
  • (tell me some more ideas…)

This could change so many things. It would probably be good for European economics. Probably, many other countries would jump on the bandwagon. Surely, it would be bad for the American economy.

America would not be able to find a real reason for an attack to prevent this. Maybe it would fudge an excuse, but nobody would believe it. The ruler ruled out by his own rules!

But, hold on, what’s the saying? Kick an old dog long enough and it will turn around and bite. Also, what about power vacuum? How many inferiority-complex addled people will fill buckets with their drivel? If physics are to be trusted, gallons of the stuff will drool into place.

Then only holy metaphysics can repeal the laws, but on this score all the mystics men and women sucked, till today. Damn, I’m glad I don’t have to make the rules…

Well, yeah – open your eyes, a dream comes back to reality.

Any suggestions to dream on?

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A sign of realism

industry and greenhouse gasesEuropean heads of government agreed to get onward with climate protection. The ambition is to reduce one fifth of greenhouse gases from 1990 by 2020. (!)

In fact, this is not ambitious enough by far. But I see the fact that they are in consent about the need of such steps, even if very tardily. It seems they started to think about our future.

But about which ways to take there are the old inconsistencies. Is nuclear power renewable? Brave Angela Merkel (German President of the European Council at this time) stood tall and argued against this viewpoint. Big applause, please!

France and others won’t be happy with this. And in question is how earnest this statement will be realised. If I take a look at how far we are with the Kyoto-protocol. Still, the insight is here, and if it’s only for popularity. But the end justifies the means, when it results in clear decisions.

Hear I someone say «dream on» 🙂 ? As John Lennon said: I’m not the only one.

Maybe we should put some stuff in Brussels drinking water – it might teach the politicians to dream even further. If they sense life in the next tree they see; it could be inspiring.

Back to realism again I suggest you make sure with your vote, that some realistic and idealistic dreamers take place in the houses of governments – this is how dreams come true, isn’t it?

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