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Posts to laugh out loud, if it don’t get stuck in your throat…

Junkyard Gürbetal

This is one where people are of two minds I think. Even my own splits in two here. Can a junkyard bear a historical meaning? And if yes, should it be cleared due to environmental protection?

Junkyard 1

Well, the story is this: In the years from 1933 until 1975, when his son took over his business, Walter Messerli dealt second hand spares. He parked the remaining car wrecks in his backyard, where they are still today. Now a local curt decided that the area has to be cleared because of pollution. Now there’s a pool forming to save this ‚Historical Junkyard‚.

You know, I want cars with combustion engines abolished. I would stand in the first row! But when I see this pictures – there’s something intriguing and I’m sort of glad I don’t have to make the decision. Click ‚continue reading‘ to see more pics and tell me what you think.

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Me do smiling!

Hey y’all!

Long time no read! Since there’s so much meaningless writing on the web I’ll add some too – I mean, maybe for you, but not so for me :D!

I’ve got three (3!) full weeks on holiday! 😀



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Have a Game

Since I didn’t got inspired by something spectacular, I post here some links to little games thar you can play online. Some requires plugins like Shockwave, which you may have to install or update to make fun of it.

  • Bubble ShooterThe first one is Bubble Shooter. In classical manner you’ll have to hit colored bubbles with another one you shoot. If there are more than three in the same color, they’ll disappear. The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field. Beware: Danger of habit formation!
  • The second is a classic: Backgammon.
  • Gold StrikeOne more is Gold Strike. You’ll be a miner who’s diggin‘ to some Banjosounds. The game principle is somewhat like Bubbles, but with a time limit and the bricks disappear, if there are more than two of the same type neighboring. It’s fun, but the game seems somewhat unfinished…
  • Snow StormFor a limitet time (until you’ve found the best strategy) is Snow Storm. Free the parking area with your snow plug. The graphics are very nicely done.

Have fun with these and let me know which you like most. On http://www.playit.ch you can find tons of games – most are some kind of stupid… you know 😉 . Also, please post in the comments if you know some good sites for a short break.

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Two Planets

Two PlanetsWell, yeah, two planets met somewhere at the edge of the universe.

«Hi!» said the first.

«Hi…» – «Hm, you look sick. Everything ok?»

«I’ve got humans.» – «Oh, that’s really disgusting.»

«For a short time they were really itchy !»

«So don’t worry, that bodes well» said the second, encouragingly, «it’ll be over in no time then…!»


Got it from this Blogs comments (german).


Edit: Found this on eskira.tumblr.com

A planet has humans.
A planet has humans. (eskira.tumblr.com)
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