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Baul Melody

Take a listen from this mp3-file (Baul Melody in 8 beats, 8/4):

To not stop playback surf in another tab/window!

Though it’s Indian Light Classical, it’s a master piece. This indian folk melody from the bengali Baul tradition is sweetly interpreted by Nikhil Banerjee (sitar) and Anindio Chatterjee (tabla) and I listened to it a minimum of 125 thousand times. Both are masters on their instruments and I especially suggest to listen to the little enrichments Nikhil gives to each note and the flow of the melody. He is just amazing!

Nikhil Banerjee - Lyrical SitarIf you never heard Indian Classical Music, this may open a new world for you. Indian Music is basically modal and based on one scale. Here is the seventh, the minor seventh and even the minor second in the scale at one point – so your listening habit may get stressed a bit. But belive me: You will love this! This is sugar.

If you like some more information about Classical Indian Music, you may start on Wikipedia.


Here’s another version in 6 beats, 6/8:


(Updated Sept. 2013)


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