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Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now

Wikileaks: Sience Fiction is Now
Wikileaks Logo

Wikileaks Logo

This title is misleading a bit, it should be «Society Fiction» – but it sounds better as it is.

Support the AVAAZ-Wikileak-Petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/wikileaks_petition/?vl

I’m sure all of you know books and films about corporate groups or governments trying to establish split societies in some kind to secure the position of the upper caste. Usually they have the monopoly on violence, the others have ideology and some clubs.

Or an archer’s bow, like the probably – at least in western culture area – most famous english outlaw. Or the legend of Willhelm Tell here in Switzerland. Well, I don’t want to get melodramatic. 🙂

As I see the world, we are going to lose what unions and social parties where fighting for in the last hundred years. And the most frustrating is: We’re losing it in a democratic way. We vote for less freedom, less wealth, more animosity, while the upper caste gets richer than ever. We let our fears stoke and shut ourselves away in nationalism and fanaticism. We’re freezing, while bullets of social, economical and ecological disasters are howling in one’s ears.

Now, knowledge – here we are again. As long as lower classes got some democratic power, today’s politics work as long as the public doesn’t know about real motivations of the upper class. Ever wanted to be a fly on a wall while some ruling men (yes, men – usually no women) speaking clear words? Wikileaks is your ticket!

For some decades leading think tanks believed that free societies and free markets will be followed automatically by wealth. That is not completely untrue, but we see that this philosophy ignores health of life and the globe – the neoliberal market is backfiring at our livelihoods. Equally the free Internet – THE synonym for a free society – is backfiring now: in form of Wikileaks. A truly free Internet is not compatible with a two class society – that is what we can see now and what is, or was, science fiction.

That is why today’s free Internet is so important for future – or so dangerous, for them. If we will get some china-like Internet – and I’m sure they will try, e.g. in the name of terrorism – cheerless science fiction will come true, a second Dark Age. Maybe we can see China as testing area for the successor philosophy of neoliberalism.

In your own interest, support Wikileaks to build the New World: http://www.avaaz.org/en/wikileaks_petition/?vl

Speaking of media on this wide topic, Isaac Asimovs Foundation comes to my mind, Frank Schätzings Limit, John Brunners Shockwave Rider, Gattica, or the TV-series Babylon 5. What’s on yours?

To be clear: I don’t believe in a global, one voice conspiracy towards a two class society, more in a system of similar believes which makes competitive groups to friends because of the same enemy: That is loss of power and wealth in the own clan. And maybe a few ideologists who believe in Social Darwinism. But I don’t need to tell you that we are here to help each other…

Today’s gold is black – Torrow’s gold is limpid

Today’s gold is black – Torrow’s gold is limpid

Blog Action day 2010: Water«Water, thou hast no taste, no color, no odor; canst not be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Not necessary to life, but rather life itself, thou fillest us with a gratification that exceeds the delight of the senses.» (Quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, From Wind, Sand and Stars, 1939)

Do you know Armajaro, an investment firm based in London, specialised within the cocoa and coffee markets? A week ago I read about them the first time: The WochenZeitung (German) wrote that Armajaro bought cocoa beans on the European market. Above 240’000 metric tons, worth over $ 1’000’000’000, to be exact, sometime between July and September it seems – the equivalent of almost the entire supply of the commodity in Liffe-registered warehouses across Europe. Or about 7% of the annually, global production. But guess, this was not the first time.

Cocoa Flower

Cocoa Flower (Dieter Schütz/pixelio.de)

In August 2002 Armajaro acquired 204’000 tons of cocoa beans and, as it seems, gained $ 64’000’000 out of the deal (Talk about finding a golden ticket in a bar of chocolate). Mr. Ward, the head and founder of Armajaro, told The Daily Telegraph in 2002: «We are not trying to inflate the market.» He founded Armajaro in 1998, which is today one of the top three players in the cocoa market, in which prices have risen 150 percent over the past two-and-a-half years.

Armajaros highest-paid director received a salary of $ 8’500’000  last year, $ 1’000’000 more than in 2008. Mr Ward manages Armajaro’s flagship CC+ Fund, which specialises in cocoa and coffee. He achieved a double-digit growth in the value of the fund in the year to September. His fund forms part of Armajaro Asset Management, which has over $ 1’500’000’000 under management. I love zeros visualized. And Mr. Ward too, it seems. (source: www.africanagricultureblog.com)

This is a blog post for the Blog Action Day 2010 about water, so what I’m writing about cocoa and abuser of nearly one million childs (Ghana only)? About that $ 7 million committed by the International Chocolate and Cocoa Industry (Harkin-Engel Protocol) towards addressing the situation of worst form of child labour in Cocoa farms over 5 year was inadequate, compared to the countless zeros above?

Water makes money: the film

Water makes money: the film

Ever heard of Nestle? 12 % of the $ 112’600’000’000 annual sales are made from chocolate, 27 % from drinks. Nestle is working hard on privatization of water. There’s a very good new documentary about water on this topic. Veolia and Suez, the world’s biggest water multinational companies, are already active in at least 69 countries on all five continents. More than 80 % of the water supply is still in the hands of the public sector. Every time, however, a town council in financial fetters asks around to be relieved of this burden, Veolia and Suez come knocking at the door. I’m not an highly educated economist – but I don’t need to understand a gearbox to see what goes in and what comes out. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, redistribution of income from the bottom up, what equates the neo-liberal concept. Privatization of public infrastructure is a giant vacuum cleaner for the small men’s pockets. They pray «it’s getting cheaper», we pray «oh really, yeah, sure, cool!», then it doesn’t, but it’s to late. And if it’s cheap, it costs lives. And for the counter value of only 12 litres of milk from the nearby farmer you get a 32 GB piece of USB-hightech made of diverse highly energy intensive special materials from all over the world  produced on microscopic scale in a dustfree production hall on the other side of the globe. While many places and air and water got polluted in the process. For 3 gallons of milk! And if the newspaper tells it’s the only good and true system, then it must be true, ain’t it?

Once water will be dealt via companies quoted on the stock exchange while there is a global shortage – man-made, what else? – the cocoa game will have started on water too. I don’t need to guess who the winners will be: Those who’s earnings rise one million dollars per year – and that’s not you and me. We and 99.9 % of mankind will be on the losers side. Today, unsafe water kills more peaple than war. The most bitter conflicts of the next 50 years won’t be over oil. Become aware of virtual water – that, by way of example, one kilogram of beef costs 15’500 litres. One kilogram wheat costs 1’300 litres.

Global Awareness

Global Awareness

What can we do to save water, environment, ourselves for a New World? It is all about the same with modern problems in the 21st century: Education. Don’t believe anyone (not even me), think for your self, think holistic. And then vote! If you can, politically, and not for the neo-liberal and neocon moneymakers. Buy fair. Get informed. Vote by buying stuff that don’t hurt anyone. Don’t buy from Nestle and the like! Avoid shopping at Lidl, Aldi, Walmart and suchlike. Try to buy local stuff. Teach your and others children. Inform others. Don’t invest if you get more than, let’s say 7 or 8 % return – or someone far or not so far away will die for that, well, the fund manager, by stroke of luck. :whistle:

Or the war on bottled water might get globally, as the world tends to import American habits. Or we might get millions of environmental refugees, in addition to the millions of political, war and economic fugitives. We teach our children to share – I just wonder why we adults don’t do this. Maybe you know?

Neuzeit – Mittelalter

Place name sign, above: modern era / below: middle ages (Gerd Altmann/pixelio.de)

P.S: Speak german? While trying to translate american and german billions and milliards once more, I stumbled over this discussion, which is 24 posts about 3 zeros less or more. And I thought I’m confused about this topic…

Basic concept of Hinduism possibly the best believe system for future

Basic concept of Hinduism possibly the best believe system for future

When I look at religious systems with an evolutionary point of view, I ask myself, where does this door lead us? Allthough we’re supposed to be in information age, we still fight on a basis where one has to be wrong so the other can be right. This goes until death of several people or a whole system.

In the medium therm there may be, assumedly, a winner. But I’m certain, in long therms such „hard“ systems, which totally negate any foreign information, are not survivable, because they will break in cases of „collisions“, sooner or later.

Evolution is a sequence of collisions. On the big scale, galactic superclusters hit each other, same to galaxies, star systems, planets, etc. On the small scale, electrons hit each other, atoms, genes and mutated genes, monads, etc.

Collisions between hard systems will free up highest amounts of energy in shortest time, leaving behind destruction – speaking in context of life, this means most likely death. Collisions between soft systems are more like dancing: Some do tango, others do Rock’n’Roll, some dances may even look like fighting – but the energy is moderatly freed during a longer time, leaving behind rather new formations or informations than destruction.

Brahma symbolizes the aspect of the Supreme Reality and is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe. He is the first member of the Hindu Trinity that also includes Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He carries a rosary in one hand, a sacrificial tool (sruva) in the other hand , the Vedas (knowledge) and a water pot (kamandal) in other hands respectively. The four faces represent the sacred knowledge of the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva). Couldn't Brahma be compared to God in christian trinity? (http://www.dollsofindia.com)

Brahma symbolizes the aspect of the Supreme Reality, is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe and is the first member of the Hindu Trinity that also includes Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He carries a rosary in one hand, a sacrificial tool (sruva) in the other hand , the Vedas (knowledge) and a water pot (kamandal) in other hands respectively. The four faces represent the sacred knowledge of the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva). Couldn't Brahma be compared to God in christian trinity? (http://www.dollsofindia.com)

Clashing galaxies may cost some star systems as collateral damage, but altogether they doesn’t destroy themselves. The same goes for genes and other soft systems. Clashing planets, on the other side, like atoms, get a real hard life, including the surroundings, weather hard or soft.

If we break this down to religious systems, what can we learn? First, religions are mostly not hard or soft systems per se – obviously this depends heavily on interpretation in most cases. The more fanatic, the harder the system is. But overall I think that Hinduism is a softer system than classic monotheistic religions. With a look at history we may see that Hiduism is the oldest believe system with the fewest changes in its evolution (leaving out indigenous beliefs).

That doesn’t mean any monotheistic religion is „hard“. Personally I’m a mystic – there is one which (not who!) is all together at the same time, so different names and different systems can mean the same belief with different words. It’s nothing more or less than a question of definitions and informations – a question of fanatic, hard or liberal, soft interpretation.

Narrowing the point of view on the last two, three millennia, its Hinduism that fits best in a survivable evolutionary system. I don’t preach we all need to become Hindus, but the basic concept of Hinduism is very soft and history prooves it’s a lasting one.

With all the praised Saints in Catholicism I'm not sure about the fact that it is a truly monotheism. Don't they play a role somehow similar to the Halfgods in Hinduism? (Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven, National Gallery, London; Fra Angelico, 15th Century)

With all the praised Saints in Catholicism I'm not sure about the fact that it is truly monotheistic. Don't they play a role somehow similar to the halfgods in Hinduism? (Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven, National Gallery, London; Fra Angelico, 15th Century)

If humanity stay alive long enough I assume that, in a long therm, we will see a kind of global polytheism, where everyone accept that he sees the white light through a coloured window of his choice. Furthermore I assume that modern physics will proove that there are „Wonders“ – well, better named phenoena, then. As in one of my most beloved quotes: „Miracles are not contrary to nature – only in contrast to what we know about nature“ by St. Augustin, Apostle of England, and first Archbishop of Canterbury, ? -604/605. It seems he was the very first quantal physicist.

By that time in far future it may be official fact that there is god and there is no god; that everything and everyone is god, but it’s only one; that there are no answers – only options. You don’t have to be wrong so I can be right.

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

This is a contribution to the Blog Action Day 2009.

It is not science. It is not technology. It is not anything but us. It is the way we think and the way we react on and experience our environment. Up to now there were only a few smaller collectives of people who became witnesses of destructions of their environment. Otherwise we would collectively remember that and its consequences. But we don’t.

If it would be something like “Go and run against a spiky branch!” obviously nobody would follow. Nobody will sniff slurry for having fun I assume. We are programmed to protect us from harm.

Where the shit hits the fan

Where the shit hits the fan

There are dangers where our protection algorithm breaks down: Changes, happening so slowly that we simply adapt to, and therefore overlook the upcoming situation. This is a pure failure in our modern consciousness because – for humanity as such – there was no need to learn this lesson, until now.

Different people react differently on situations like this and the following is no judgment but a kind of analysis. A zero-dimensional mind just sits on a point in the here and now, eats when hungry, sleeps when tired. A one-dimensional mind gets a way: If thirsty, it goes straight to the well. A two-dimensional mind sees the surrounding area and takes a longer way to the well because it may be less exhausting. A three-dimensional mind may be asking about what is up there in heaven and down here in hell, whereas a four-dimensional mind sees how time influences the fire which is trying to burn us.

We all know all of this conditions, more or less, it got nothing to do with our western-style intelligence. If you are sitting in a dock of a bay, you are a zero. If you put a water pot on ball bearing wheels, you are a three – and a four, if you share the water. The question is: What is your motivation?

If the situation brings comfort, you tend to be even a five. If it seems like a lot of work and hassle, you will be a big zero. This is the way Godmother has created us, it is our biological heritage. And it will be our downfall, because Godmother and the tree of evolution never thought of atom bombs, let alone of blowing all the carbon and cesium into the air. They are creators, not destroyers.

Since anyone got a kind of main character, fours tend to be leaders, which get the threes to build guns, which the twos will use, while the ones are singing Hallelujah, and the zeros play cannon fodder. This is true for secular and religious leaders.

Now I do not think we all need a rat-race to become the highest possible number. The New World needs autonomous thinkers and tinkers, who do it with all their hands, brains and hearts. Brains we have enough in the First World, hands we shipped to the Chinese, hearts we loosed some time ago.

My vision is to follow the numbers, put the pedal to the metal and BE, HERE and NOW. I’m sure, anyone likes this! Put the pedal to the metal and MOVE, mentally too, do not stop. Then put the pedal to the metal and LIVE TO SEE, explore. Put the pedal to the metal again and THINK, be an inventor. No stop, put the pedal to the metal once more and DECIDE whether you would like the others to do the same as you do.

If our decisions are not based on IQ, EQ and SQ (intelligence, emotional and soul quotient), we will neither save the climate nor anything other, not even our selves, obviously. But one cannot order people to be like that – you and me have to start! We need political pressure, civil and industrial disobedience, to stand together against our biological heritage of laziness. Every penny we spend is a vote for tomorrows productions. Every action leads to a reaction. You decide!

Do not wait for others, hurry! Time is running out! Good thing is we have the Star Trek and Babylon 5 Seasons – if we do not make it that far, we have at least dreamed about it…

Defective thinking

Defective thinking

(If you do not think that it is that urgent, think again. Think of all the normal, poisoned or radioactive waste in the seas and everywhere, used depleted uranium munitions (google it), other poison everywhere, sick bodies, sick minds, sick souls, climate change, acquisitiveness, craving for power, economic growth, overfishing, extinction of species, you name it. To me it seems like a wonder that it did not got worse. Or maybe it had, but we still do not know… This is hard to face, but we have to. Let me assure you: putting the pedal to the metal is fun! Do it as long as possible.)

Barak Hussein Obama

Barak Hussein Obama
Michelle and Barak Obama

Michelle and Barak Obama

Just in case you missed it: America got a new president, and his middle name is Hussein. And he wants to talk with the world. He’s not a creationist. He’s not elitist. He seems to look for the root of problems. In a scientific manner. All this is just great I think.

But best of all, I think, is dear Michelle! What is the saying? Behind every great man there’s a greeat woman.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

So watch out Barak, big sister is watching you, and she ain’t swimm with the tide! While everyone is talking on hope for change, this is my biggest hope: That, should Mister Obama be of two mind after talking to the Neocons, Mrs Obama will haul him over the coals.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Especially if the dumb boys start playing their old game of longer, bigger and thicker… Maybe they find out for themselves that there is no need to kill if one talks to each other. Tolerance and sharing is the key to peace!

The story of stuff

The story of stuff

The story of stuffHave you ever bought a radio for € 7.50? Ever asked yourself how it is possible to pay for the high tech insides, the plastic housing, the disposal of toxic waste from production, the fees, the transport from China, the margins of producer, dealer and seller with out of this low amount?

Did you ever thought about what goes on before and after you buy stuff? In this 20 minute animation you’ll get a firm overview of the whole process: earn resources, production, distribution, selling and disposal of waste. Where does our consumption lead us?

Probably this is nothing new to you — nevertheless it’s fun to watch this piece of art, which shows in a surprisingly clear and funny manner the complex connections, the big picture of what is going on when you buy stuff.

You won’t feel sad after, because Annie don’t point a finger at you saying «You’re a dumb, mean destroyer». You’ll feel like «Wow, why don’t we change that, I want to».

This is great educational stuff! Show and talk about this with you children and everyone who wants to know or wonders. And them who don’t too! They will go 😯 !

China and its Olympic Boxing

China and its Olympic Boxing

China trains for Olympia This pic I found at www.igfm.de. It’s a german site from „international society for human rights“, on a subpage for notifications. From another subpage you can find some postcards and posters.

Are the Olympic Games good for chinese people? I’m not shure what to think of it. Boycott china means isolation and there would be no communication, no influence. Doing the Olympic Games in China means thousands of press people sniffing around and even China will not be able to control them all, wouldn’t they? Or will China simply throw in enough snitchers? 😕

China can censor the internet, but can hardly control all the informations exchanging between chinese people and foreigners. So if we go there, we have much more possibilities. In the meantime, we have to turn a blind eye or two to todays circumstances. Which is something I really hate!

I tend to belive that the KP somehow is of the same kind like the Bush administration and so many other: They want to rule, the more, the better. Others are bad, don’t know nothing, are doing wrong, in general are the enemies. This is thinking of the past millenniums, of our biological heritage, which will destroy us if we can’t get behind it.

Todays freedom of pressIf the average human would be this bad, we would have died off since long. I assume there are some 15 to 25 % us who are holding the rest back to do the next step – and in general they do it like this nowadays.

But we may realize that today humans are more economic on death: Most western systems tend to do less physical harms to its people to control them. The modern systemic pressure is more of psychological and economic kind. Human work power is understood as assets, it is understood that physical force leads to physical opposition – see todays Tibet, Iraq or Palestine, etc. This modern slavery seems perfect: People believe in being free, while they do drudgery and are cash cows themselves. But in counts of lives it could be considered as an advance. Nevertheless, many leaders didn’t got this change yet…

So are the Olympic Games good for chinese people? I think, they have nothing to loose. So they can only win.

Are the games good for Tibet? Running the torch through Tibet is one of the biggest affronts I can imagine, if you think of the original, symbolic meaning. This is so… it makes me want to be the boxer above! This is so pretentious! It’s the sheriff with the thickest gun, openly dealing with the gangsters, showing off in front of his office: «Look here, how I f*ck you people, and it feels daaamn goood!» But be sure must of his functionaries believe credulous they do help people…

I really don’t know. I dream of 25’000 olympic photographers rushing tibet on one day, occupying the occupiers to flood the KP-occupied chinese media, so chinese people can reoccupy their land, confound the sheriff. But usually men – and not women – just change roles in the above boxing match…


Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

On YouTube I stumbled upon this actual lecture about Climate Change. It is mainly in three parts:

  • Facts about climate change from an environmental point of view
  • Needs and possibilities to master the challenge
  • Economical views on the subject

The question of why America sends annual 300 Mrd $ to foreign countries for oil, which is answered with Lenin’s quote „The capitalists are so hungry for profits that they will sell us the rope to hang them with.“, and the addition „…and they will send us the money to buy the rope“ is a very typical view for Americans somehow, I think. Cowboy Smiley

Nevertheless, with todays technics our vehicles could be 50 %, buildings 80 % more efficient without change in lifestyle. Acting is not a question of money or ideology, but of intelligence.

What not comes in numbers here is the benefit in public health due to better air and water quality. Nothing is really new here, but the arguments may help you out in the field…

(Dr. Lester Lave, Co-Director Carnegie Mellon Electrical Industry Center; Dr. M. Granger Morgan, Director of the Climate Decision Making Center; Edward Rubin, Professor in Engineering and Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering, 1:15)

If you wanna know it really exactly, watch the following video too, which outlines the research and the process behind the Global Climate Change Report to the Bush administration in 2002. So yes, they know: Global warming is fact, it’s due human activities, without sun activities being a reason etc.

(And yes, this is a very dry one, but gives an excellent overview on the complexity of the matter, if you’d like to be fed with data, numbers and formulas by Ralph Cicerone, Chancellor of the University of California at Irvine, 1:10)