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Video: 650 million years in 120 seconds

Video: 650 million years in 120 seconds

Some time ago I found this video on dailymotion.com, which sent me on a real trip. Countless times I watched the video, meditating on it and pondering which meaning my oh so vain ego fulfils in this wonderful world.

Experience perishability in 120 seconds

(Edit: It’s a flv video which does not play right now… sorry. You can download it.)


See how the earth’s face changes in 650 million years in this continental drift animation. See all your egocentrism crushed by Africa – at least if you live in Europe… (not shure, but the vid might come from BBC)

If you think that someone threatens your little garden and wants to steal your accumulated riches, you should check the correctness of your values – fear is a bad guide. Just for this task the video is perfectly suitable:

First you will start to feel lost. Sometime after that you should have slowly dissolved, floating in a cosmic condition which is not easy to endure. But, slowly, you then should start to feel truly at home – and you’ll get closer to the mystical point of no return. No need to ask for what you want anymore, but to find out who you are…

Just to remind you: Homo Sapiens walks since 300’000 to 400’000 years – that’s not even half a million, while life started about 2500 million years ago and civilization is a few millennia old. Do you really think you control anything?  If you do, then it’s your charity, nothing more.

Basic concept of Hinduism possibly the best believe system for future

Basic concept of Hinduism possibly the best believe system for future

When I look at religious systems with an evolutionary point of view, I ask myself, where does this door lead us? Allthough we’re supposed to be in information age, we still fight on a basis where one has to be wrong so the other can be right. This goes until death of several people or a whole system.

In the medium therm there may be, assumedly, a winner. But I’m certain, in long therms such „hard“ systems, which totally negate any foreign information, are not survivable, because they will break in cases of „collisions“, sooner or later.

Evolution is a sequence of collisions. On the big scale, galactic superclusters hit each other, same to galaxies, star systems, planets, etc. On the small scale, electrons hit each other, atoms, genes and mutated genes, monads, etc.

Collisions between hard systems will free up highest amounts of energy in shortest time, leaving behind destruction – speaking in context of life, this means most likely death. Collisions between soft systems are more like dancing: Some do tango, others do Rock’n’Roll, some dances may even look like fighting – but the energy is moderatly freed during a longer time, leaving behind rather new formations or informations than destruction.

Brahma symbolizes the aspect of the Supreme Reality and is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe. He is the first member of the Hindu Trinity that also includes Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He carries a rosary in one hand, a sacrificial tool (sruva) in the other hand , the Vedas (knowledge) and a water pot (kamandal) in other hands respectively. The four faces represent the sacred knowledge of the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva). Couldn't Brahma be compared to God in christian trinity? (http://www.dollsofindia.com)

Brahma symbolizes the aspect of the Supreme Reality, is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe and is the first member of the Hindu Trinity that also includes Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. He carries a rosary in one hand, a sacrificial tool (sruva) in the other hand , the Vedas (knowledge) and a water pot (kamandal) in other hands respectively. The four faces represent the sacred knowledge of the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama, and Atharva). Couldn't Brahma be compared to God in christian trinity? (http://www.dollsofindia.com)

Clashing galaxies may cost some star systems as collateral damage, but altogether they doesn’t destroy themselves. The same goes for genes and other soft systems. Clashing planets, on the other side, like atoms, get a real hard life, including the surroundings, weather hard or soft.

If we break this down to religious systems, what can we learn? First, religions are mostly not hard or soft systems per se – obviously this depends heavily on interpretation in most cases. The more fanatic, the harder the system is. But overall I think that Hinduism is a softer system than classic monotheistic religions. With a look at history we may see that Hiduism is the oldest believe system with the fewest changes in its evolution (leaving out indigenous beliefs).

That doesn’t mean any monotheistic religion is „hard“. Personally I’m a mystic – there is one which (not who!) is all together at the same time, so different names and different systems can mean the same belief with different words. It’s nothing more or less than a question of definitions and informations – a question of fanatic, hard or liberal, soft interpretation.

Narrowing the point of view on the last two, three millennia, its Hinduism that fits best in a survivable evolutionary system. I don’t preach we all need to become Hindus, but the basic concept of Hinduism is very soft and history prooves it’s a lasting one.

With all the praised Saints in Catholicism I'm not sure about the fact that it is a truly monotheism. Don't they play a role somehow similar to the Halfgods in Hinduism? (Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven, National Gallery, London; Fra Angelico, 15th Century)

With all the praised Saints in Catholicism I'm not sure about the fact that it is truly monotheistic. Don't they play a role somehow similar to the halfgods in Hinduism? (Christ Glorified in the Court of Heaven, National Gallery, London; Fra Angelico, 15th Century)

If humanity stay alive long enough I assume that, in a long therm, we will see a kind of global polytheism, where everyone accept that he sees the white light through a coloured window of his choice. Furthermore I assume that modern physics will proove that there are „Wonders“ – well, better named phenoena, then. As in one of my most beloved quotes: „Miracles are not contrary to nature – only in contrast to what we know about nature“ by St. Augustin, Apostle of England, and first Archbishop of Canterbury, ? -604/605. It seems he was the very first quantal physicist.

By that time in far future it may be official fact that there is god and there is no god; that everything and everyone is god, but it’s only one; that there are no answers – only options. You don’t have to be wrong so I can be right.

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

Put the pedal to the metal now – it could be the last time

This is a contribution to the Blog Action Day 2009.

It is not science. It is not technology. It is not anything but us. It is the way we think and the way we react on and experience our environment. Up to now there were only a few smaller collectives of people who became witnesses of destructions of their environment. Otherwise we would collectively remember that and its consequences. But we don’t.

If it would be something like “Go and run against a spiky branch!” obviously nobody would follow. Nobody will sniff slurry for having fun I assume. We are programmed to protect us from harm.

Where the shit hits the fan

Where the shit hits the fan

There are dangers where our protection algorithm breaks down: Changes, happening so slowly that we simply adapt to, and therefore overlook the upcoming situation. This is a pure failure in our modern consciousness because – for humanity as such – there was no need to learn this lesson, until now.

Different people react differently on situations like this and the following is no judgment but a kind of analysis. A zero-dimensional mind just sits on a point in the here and now, eats when hungry, sleeps when tired. A one-dimensional mind gets a way: If thirsty, it goes straight to the well. A two-dimensional mind sees the surrounding area and takes a longer way to the well because it may be less exhausting. A three-dimensional mind may be asking about what is up there in heaven and down here in hell, whereas a four-dimensional mind sees how time influences the fire which is trying to burn us.

We all know all of this conditions, more or less, it got nothing to do with our western-style intelligence. If you are sitting in a dock of a bay, you are a zero. If you put a water pot on ball bearing wheels, you are a three – and a four, if you share the water. The question is: What is your motivation?

If the situation brings comfort, you tend to be even a five. If it seems like a lot of work and hassle, you will be a big zero. This is the way Godmother has created us, it is our biological heritage. And it will be our downfall, because Godmother and the tree of evolution never thought of atom bombs, let alone of blowing all the carbon and cesium into the air. They are creators, not destroyers.

Since anyone got a kind of main character, fours tend to be leaders, which get the threes to build guns, which the twos will use, while the ones are singing Hallelujah, and the zeros play cannon fodder. This is true for secular and religious leaders.

Now I do not think we all need a rat-race to become the highest possible number. The New World needs autonomous thinkers and tinkers, who do it with all their hands, brains and hearts. Brains we have enough in the First World, hands we shipped to the Chinese, hearts we loosed some time ago.

My vision is to follow the numbers, put the pedal to the metal and BE, HERE and NOW. I’m sure, anyone likes this! Put the pedal to the metal and MOVE, mentally too, do not stop. Then put the pedal to the metal and LIVE TO SEE, explore. Put the pedal to the metal again and THINK, be an inventor. No stop, put the pedal to the metal once more and DECIDE whether you would like the others to do the same as you do.

If our decisions are not based on IQ, EQ and SQ (intelligence, emotional and soul quotient), we will neither save the climate nor anything other, not even our selves, obviously. But one cannot order people to be like that – you and me have to start! We need political pressure, civil and industrial disobedience, to stand together against our biological heritage of laziness. Every penny we spend is a vote for tomorrows productions. Every action leads to a reaction. You decide!

Do not wait for others, hurry! Time is running out! Good thing is we have the Star Trek and Babylon 5 Seasons – if we do not make it that far, we have at least dreamed about it…

Defective thinking

Defective thinking

(If you do not think that it is that urgent, think again. Think of all the normal, poisoned or radioactive waste in the seas and everywhere, used depleted uranium munitions (google it), other poison everywhere, sick bodies, sick minds, sick souls, climate change, acquisitiveness, craving for power, economic growth, overfishing, extinction of species, you name it. To me it seems like a wonder that it did not got worse. Or maybe it had, but we still do not know… This is hard to face, but we have to. Let me assure you: putting the pedal to the metal is fun! Do it as long as possible.)

Barak Hussein Obama

Barak Hussein Obama
Michelle and Barak Obama

Michelle and Barak Obama

Just in case you missed it: America got a new president, and his middle name is Hussein. And he wants to talk with the world. He’s not a creationist. He’s not elitist. He seems to look for the root of problems. In a scientific manner. All this is just great I think.

But best of all, I think, is dear Michelle! What is the saying? Behind every great man there’s a greeat woman.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

So watch out Barak, big sister is watching you, and she ain’t swimm with the tide! While everyone is talking on hope for change, this is my biggest hope: That, should Mister Obama be of two mind after talking to the Neocons, Mrs Obama will haul him over the coals.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Especially if the dumb boys start playing their old game of longer, bigger and thicker… Maybe they find out for themselves that there is no need to kill if one talks to each other. Tolerance and sharing is the key to peace!

New Rules for Euro 2010

New Rules for Euro 2010

As a football freak a can’t wait for Euro 2010, so I did some research and came along some very interesting news you’ll want to know! The economically oriented think tank „Profeetball“ found out that with some new, interesting rules sales could be doubled by minimum!

New rules: Flat footballs

So they asked: If football falls flat, why not play with flat fool footballs to kick off the business? With less injuries estimated, insurance rates will be massively lower, slow runners catch more balls and even chinese manufacturers should have no problems with quality control.

So less expenses and more turnover will follow. Governments already pays for infrastructure, tax exemption should follow for Euro 2012, making it the perfect event: Circuses for all, bread for some and profits for a few.

But that’s not all: Bala Fuss, a Swiss member of the think tank, brought in another idea. Since flat building land will become rare and expensive in future they plan alternative football pitches:

New football pitch norms

The idea is, all 22 player walk the street at the bottom, kicking upwards. The team making a goal has to run up and down as many times as they have scored goals yet. This new kind of fairplay aligns with the marketing trend of fairtrade, fairtravel, fairvote, fair whatever. So less trained, cheap or child teams have a chance too.

To lean in the „fair“ trend to polish UEFA image some more, used foolballs should be donated to help feed the world.

Football dish

But Mr. Fuss stated that content must be delivered by NGOs. Development aid for stockholders eats up all of UEFAs excesses. The possibility of child work could be met with the slogan „children help children“.

Ain’t that big news? There’s a whole new world of football awaiting! Speaking of the future: A new discovery proofs the beginnings of football:

The primal footballsAccording to the newest historic researches where ancient men kicking each others balls to pay tribute to the last man standing. It took some centuries and some women’s heads until they started team playing with two „real“ balls, but since men are overstrained in multitasking they could only manage one — so football was born. In American football some ancient rules seems to have survived and are considered as proof.

Now it will be a question of time until the new political correctness from subway stations will influence football. Possibly a player then will ask a member of the other team kindly «Could I get the ball, please?». On negative answer the whole first team will kick balls on the questioned player, while the audience goes nuts. It’s called „back to the roots“!

Personally I wouldn’t mind to hand out clubs to players, even to the audience. This could speed up natural selection on mankind.

(Pics: pixelio.de)

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

Carnegie Mellon Lecture: Global Climate Change

On YouTube I stumbled upon this actual lecture about Climate Change. It is mainly in three parts:

  • Facts about climate change from an environmental point of view
  • Needs and possibilities to master the challenge
  • Economical views on the subject

The question of why America sends annual 300 Mrd $ to foreign countries for oil, which is answered with Lenin’s quote „The capitalists are so hungry for profits that they will sell us the rope to hang them with.“, and the addition „…and they will send us the money to buy the rope“ is a very typical view for Americans somehow, I think. Cowboy Smiley

Nevertheless, with todays technics our vehicles could be 50 %, buildings 80 % more efficient without change in lifestyle. Acting is not a question of money or ideology, but of intelligence.

What not comes in numbers here is the benefit in public health due to better air and water quality. Nothing is really new here, but the arguments may help you out in the field…

(Dr. Lester Lave, Co-Director Carnegie Mellon Electrical Industry Center; Dr. M. Granger Morgan, Director of the Climate Decision Making Center; Edward Rubin, Professor in Engineering and Public Policy and Mechanical Engineering, 1:15)

If you wanna know it really exactly, watch the following video too, which outlines the research and the process behind the Global Climate Change Report to the Bush administration in 2002. So yes, they know: Global warming is fact, it’s due human activities, without sun activities being a reason etc.

(And yes, this is a very dry one, but gives an excellent overview on the complexity of the matter, if you’d like to be fed with data, numbers and formulas by Ralph Cicerone, Chancellor of the University of California at Irvine, 1:10)

The Nokia Morph Concept

The Nokia Morph Concept

Here’s a small view in our communication future. Imagine a piece of plastic film which fulfills all your needs in every days live:

(Seen on futur.plomlompom.de)

Some thought about this:

  • body related:
    • To have a solar powered smart phone, a palmtop, a mp3-player, an environment and health analyzer, a camera, a memory device, a paycard and eventually a folded flying carpet in a plastic film is a beautiful concept. You don’t have to lock it away if you go swimming.
    • I definitely wouldn’t like to have it hardwired to my brain. Unless the hotline to Manitou is integrated too.
    • They don’t say anything about the expected SAR-value. Even in five or ten years I wouldn’t like my wrist cooked.
    • Nice to have a device to warn me about pollution in the apple I’m about to eat or in the air I’m breathing – but can it act as a mask too?
    • I like most the unbreakable touchscreen and the superhydrophobic surface.
    • Please no Windows 3000 CE!
  • mind related
    • Such devices should get a overall function lock: To prevent brain degeneration you must enter every day some reflecting thoughts about your life or your surrounding world, play some chess, be creative with it in an artistic way or sit down/meditate quietly for some time – otherwise you’ll get a bluescreen.
    • If I ask for time, it should make me guess first to train my intuition.
    • If I think of paying my tea – can it send a remark on the waiters to-do-list?
  • soul related
    • If I’m getting angry because the waitress is not coming – can it automatically send a GPS-location from me to her Nokia Morph with an acoustic beep, overriding her bluescreen? Ideally with a navigation path for her.
    • I miss the ability to generate an automated playlist depending on my mood.
    • If a Morph-wearing child or woman is mistreated, it should inform the next social worker or the police at once.
    • The mistreating person should get an electroshock.
    • Once an emotional network is established, it can inform me «Caution: Angry racer behind!», «Distracted manager ahead!» or «Grandpa in gateway!» while flying on it.

Seriously, I believe technology can help to save our future – especially with efficiency. Also I believe in the importance to stay in focus with the real problems. What advantage do I have if I’m connected with the whole world but loose the connection to myself.

Maybe it’s evolutions way that we need to play around until it gets boring – so we can turn in searchers for truth again. Hopefully nature gives us enough time.

Growth and exponential functions

Growth and exponential functions

«The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.»

Watch this dissertation from Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, professor emeritus of physics at the university of Boulder, Colorado (8 parts, each approx. 9 min):


Mankind is growing with approx. 1.6 percent a year. This means, in 780 years we’ll have an one-squaremeter-society: on every squaremeter land is one person living. And in 2500 years mankind will weigh the same as the whole earth (dear Albert is a joker for shure).

Albert A. BertlettOr think of bacteria living in a bottle. It’s eleven o’clock. They double their volume once a minute. What time is it, when they realize that the bottle is half full and they’re getting a place problem? Right, it’s exact 11:59. If they become aware of the fact when the bottle is one eighth full? It’s 11:57. Ok, they start a big search now and can find 3 more bottles by the time when the first is one fourth full, witch gives an amazing amount of space: 16 times the room they use now! Problem solved, you think? Wait until 12:02…

Click above – this is the most important video you’ll ever see! Find out why it seems that most politicians, economists and even scientists are unable to do simple math we all did back in school.

And while you are at it, asking yourselt why we should act today to save our tomorrow, have a quick look at this video (9 min).