Neoliberalism buys greece while people live on Facebook

Neoliberalism buys greece while people live on Facebook

Some things I’d like to knit together:

Greece wants to push privatization of state enterprises for dept reduction. (For reasons why the IWF wants that see the movie «Let’s make money».)

35% of IPhone or Android smartphone owners check an app while still in bed in the morning. Social Networks are the most popular apps (Study on behalf of Ericsson).

A lecture about sexual fetishes at the Northwestern University in Chicago was canceled, because the prof invited the students to a live demonstration of sex toys and the female orgasm after the lecture. Parents went amok.

As you may know, Osama Bin Laden got killed last monday. Most probably I think because one wanted to avoid the possibility of terror acts to release Osama.

Finally I stumbled over the term «autopoiesis», a term used in system theory. Sociological systems (after Lehmann) are not made by actors, but only by communication. Sociological systems produce and reproduce themselves through communication. Reference points are only seemingly actors or the environment (you and me), in fact the reference point of communication is an inner picture that follows the system’s own laws (the system’s dogmas), thus communication uses itself as reference.

Cross-linked or caught thinking?

Cross-linked or caught thinking?

Translated that means things like «murder and violence is bad», «greed is bad», «sex is bad», «produce CO2 is bad», but «killing Osama Bin Laden is good», «cheating for riches is good» (especially if you don’t see the betrayed ones, eg. with shares), «having sex is good» (at least if you don’t talk about), and «being always on the move is good» too (or else you may start to feel yourself).

Obviously it’s something wrong here, but as long as one stays in the autopoiesic system there’s no conflict because one follows the system’s rules: One is system blind. The consequence is that there is no big chance to change the world from outside or top-down, simply because there is nothing wrong in communications if everyone agrees to the inconsistence.

To change for a New World, each of us has to leave the autopoiesic system – change from inside out is the only way. True is not what you see or hear, nor what you think (well, sometimes) – true is what feels just right in your heart. So, we need an autopoiesic system of hearts – not of communications – because your heart will never fail if you listen quietly. (Don’t let your brain fool you about this: Your heart doesn’t talk in your head!)

This is very complex stuff to fill books, and English is not my mother tongue. If you don’t like to ask or meditate about this, you may better check in your bed before sleep what your Facebook friends had for dinner today. «That is good – this text is tiring (aka bad)». Maybe check your «Greece Ltd» shares too, they might have put on a revolution to ruin you (not to get their country back).

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